A mother saved her daughter by protecting her from shrapnel with her body after a bombing in Kiev

The photos of Olga and her husband Dmitro, hit by shrapnel from a bombing near their home and treated in the Ohmatdit pediatric hospital in Kiev, were published on the social networks of the structure and went around the world

A young womanwith a showy blood-soaked bandage around her head, with no clothes and a body full of wounds and bruises, she breastfeeds her one-month-old baby on a hospital stretcher.

Protected by a thermal blanket, the mother has her gaze fixed on the camera lens that is immortalizing them, while the baby’s husband and father comforts them standing by the bed.

The image comes fromOhmatdit children’s hospital
of Kievin Ukraine, and testifies to the difficulties of living in a besieged city with a child.

Olga, this is the name of the woman, who arrived at Ohmatdit hospital on the morning of Friday 18 March, together with her husband Dmitro and the baby. The family came from one of the districts of Kiev hit by Russian bombing. According to what the man said, he and his wife heard the gunshots all night, getting closer and closer, until, in the morning, the bombings also reached near their home. When I went down to the courtyard, I saw that a grenade had hit the kindergarten near our house. There were no more ceilings, windows and doors in all the neighboring houses. The debris hit us hard, Dmitro said once he arrived at the hospital.

At that point, the woman, who was feeding the little girl, has it protected with her body, probably saving her life. Both Olga and Dmitro were injured, sustaining numerous injuries, and were immediately taken to the hospital, where she underwent surgery and his leg wounds were treated.

The little girl was unharmed.

The photos were published on the hospital’s Facebook page and taken by Unicef ​​Ukraine. on the social profile of the hospital that information has been released on the family, who is still being treated at the facility.

The images bring to mind other harrowing photographs of this war. These are the shots of the photographer of the AP Evgeniy Maloletka, which first portrayed the desperation of Kirill’s parents, the 18-month-old baby who died under the bombs in Mariupol, and then the agony of the pregnant woman photographed after the attack on the city’s children’s hospital, rescued on a stretcher and then died with the child in her womb from the serious injuries sustained. With a happy ending, then, the story of Marianna, the blogger always portrayed after being rescued at the hospital in Mariupol (and a victim of fake news of Russian propaganda) and that a few hours after the bombing she gave birth to her baby girl.

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