All the oddities in Putin’s speech at the stadium: the pauses, the “cut” and the hypothesis-sabotage

Putin’s speech to the nation at the Luzniki stadium was interrupted by three anomalous pauses, and cut before the conclusion: a failure of the prompter or a sabotage?

Who knows what will become the director…. The question that bounces on independent information sites, accompanied by the disclaimer made mandatory by law, we remind everyone that we are considered foreign agents, has a raison d’etre.

The event at the Luzniki stadium to celebrate the eighth anniversary of the Russian annexation of Crimea will also be remembered for the bizarre interruption of Vladimir Putin’s speech.

But how, a gathering of a hundred thousand and more people, carefully prepared, to silence those who claim that there is no such great support for the invasion, and all skips at the most important moment, the president’s speech?

Technical issue immediately said Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman for the Kremlin. Or sabotage said Alexei Navalny, the number one dissident jailed and on trial. what everyone thought. But there is no evidence.

The only sure thing it was a direct one with many drawbacks. Let’s rewind the tape. Putin starts speaking from the stage in the center of the football pitch that hosted the 2018 World Cup final at 4:20 pm Russian time. Three and a half minutes later, he pauses oddly in the middle of his speech. Almost unnatural, in the middle of a sentence, about fifteen seconds.

Start talking again. Another short pause, this time ten seconds.

Then another, this time of twenty secondsafter which he resumes the discourse quoting for the second time the passage from the Gospel of John used to celebrate the heroism of the Russian soldiers and the unity of the country.

Two hypotheses. The first was that Putin was waiting for applause that was slow in coming. Unlikely, given the composition of the crowd, carefully chosen from among the president’s supporters and people summoned for the occasion. The second, more likely, is that it is a failure of the prompter – the teleprompter -, which had four screens, one on each side of the stage to scroll the text of the speech to be read to the speakers called on the stage.

That wasn’t the only problem with a very bumpy live stream. During the presentation speech by the spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova skipped the live sound for at least thirty seconds. Not just his voice, but that of the whole stadium. Silent scene, only images.

Immediately after the incident involving Putin, his speech was re-broadcast in full, without interruption on Russian television.

If indeed not sabotage, then the comment of Bianna Golodryga, of Moldovan origin, international analyst for the CNN. I can’t think of a more effective way to show the world how things will work in a post-western technology Russia.

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