Anti-colonial protests and war in Europe change the Windsor agenda

Of Enrica Roddolo

For “sensitive issues”, an anti-colonial protest forces William and Kate to change plans for the Jubilee Tour in Belize. Harry speaks to volunteers from Diana’s charity, who are clearing the war grounds in Ukraine

Change of plans for the first leg of the trip to the Commonwealth lands of the Dukes of Cambridge, William and Kate. A change for “sensitive issues” related to the Indian Creek Community that the queen’s nephew should have visited on the first day of the Commonwealth Tour relay with the other frontline Royals. A tour that starts on the weekend with the double sword of Damocles of the Cancel Culture even stronger beyond the Channel – that is the removal of the symbols of colonialism of which the ancient British Empire is also an example. And the farewell – just four months ago – of Barbados to the queen as their sovereign, to replace her with a president of the Republic. Historic handover which Prince Charles attended last November.

Not only that, but also the winds of war in Europe, constitute an unexpected variable for the Tour which as for every Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II marked the year of celebrations. So much so that Kensington Palace itself, the office of the Dukes of Cambridge, has made it known that “the couple follows the geopolitical situation by monitoring the global situation day by day”. In short, this weekend’s change of plans (triggered by the idea of ​​landing the dukes’ helicopter on a football field, a territory that is the subject of a long-standing dispute with indigenous peoples) and may not be the only one, from current events. William and Kate in recent days have condemned the aggression of Ukraine by Russia and visited the Ukrainian center of Holland Park in London.

Prince Harry, who first wrote on social media that he was on the side of Ukraine, met (via zoom) the volunteers of the Halo Trust, the charity supported by his mother Diana which led a real battle against anti-personnel mines. Diana’s charity volunteers are now in action in Ukraine. As for the Tour in the Commonwealth countries, as for the Cambridge “smile offensive”, or if you prefer the soft power of the new Royals to remove the prospect of a loosening of the Commonwealth countries’ ties with London and its queen, the Royal household is well aware that in the long run there could be other defections but, “the royal family is pragmatic – explains Dickie Arbiter, former secretary for relations with the queen press from the late 80s to 2000 – knows that it will not be able to look at these countries as parts of the realm forever ». According to the London Times, one of the protesters of the Tour in Belize pointed to the “sufferings of colonialism that we are still subjected to now.”

With these premises, the first part of the Jubilee Royal Tour takes off over the weekend Platinum Award of Queen Elizabeth entrusted to a relay of front-line exponents: Kate and William in Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas; then it’s up to Carlo and Camilla. William and Kate should be home in time for Mother’s Day in 8 days. A mother of three, it has long been speculated that she may or may not have a fourth child (in light of difficult pregnancies). And not to mention that now the Royal Engagement agenda is getting denser.

For Carolyne Cooper who teaches at the University of the West Indies it is “unlikely that she will visit the Caribbean of the couple can drive away the transition of Jamaica to the republican formula because there is a basis of public opinion contrary to the monarchy ”. Although the Eve photos taken in Belize, independent since 1981, show murals of the 2011 Royal wedding and Union Jack flags to welcome the royal visit.

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