Arms against Russia and (possible) sanctions against China: what Biden will talk about during his visit to Europe

The US president will announce another 800 million aid to Ukraine today, and asks the allies to continue with the gradual policy. During the meeting with the EU and NATO on March 24, he will also talk about the possible consequences if China helps Russia

WASHINGTON – The United States they raise again. Today, Wednesday March 16, Joe Biden will announce the shipment of arms and ammunition to Ukraine for 800 million dollars, which are added to the 550 allocated since mid-February. The total equal to 1.35 billion dollars. Plus there is the package of almost 14 billion approved by Congress: half of the figure is used to cover supplies of anti-tank, anti-aircraft missiles and other bombs to counter the Putinian army. The American president will explain to the nation that the United States strongly supports the resistance of the Ukrainians.

Biden’s message is scheduled for 11 am (4 pm in Italy, because daylight saving time has already taken place in America). It will be a concrete answer to Volodomyr Zelensky who, at 9 am (2 pm in Italy), will connect online with senators and deputies, gathered for the occasion in the Auditorium of the Capitol Hill Visitor Center. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer excluded reporters from the event (a mischief, incidentally, increasingly widespread in Washington unfortunately). However, some TV channels will broadcast the speech live (C-Span, Fox News, Nbc and Msnbc). Zelensky had already addressed about 300 American parliamentarians on March 5, with an appeal full of emotion: I understand that you do not want to establish a “no-fly zone” over the skies of Ukraine; but then give us the planes, we will defend ourselves.

Today the Ukrainian president will leave from here. Ten days later, these two issues, the no-fly zone and the supply of aircraft, remain central in the confrontation between the Western allies.

Biden for ready to flood the country with weapons, but he does not move on these two issues: would be operations that could drag the United States into the conflict, effectively triggering the third world war.

The leader of the White House, however, must manage the relationship with European partners.

In Washington, too, it made a great impression the blitz in Kiev of the three premieres of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia. What does this mean, if not that the West must take some more risks? Furthermore, also yesterday, the Parliament of Estonia voted a resolution to urge NATO to patrol Ukrainian airspace. the first institution in the European Union to take an official position in favor of the no-fly zone.

Biden then decided to go to Brussels to confront the allies directly and try to recompose the front along the line of gradualism held since the beginning of the crisis and, for the moment, survived two weeks of war.

On Thursday 24 March, I will participate first in an emergency summit of the Atlantic Alliance, then in a meeting of the European Council.

The American president will not go to Europe just to listen or to reassure the countries on the eastern flank. The political-diplomatic framework in motion. The China variant could become crucial. The long summit in Rome, between National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and Chinese Foreign Policy Plenipotentiary Yang Jiechi, was not enough to dispel the doubts of the US administration, especially the Pentagon. All scenarios are open. Xi Jinping could decide to propose himself as a mediator, or to maintain an ambiguous attitudewith only formal support for Putin.

But how should the United States, the EU and NATO react if Beijing were to really supply drones and missiles to the frantic Russian army? Sullivan warned that there will be consequences for China. But which ones? Before explaining it publicly, Biden wants to check it out directly with partners. Everyone hopes there is no need. But just in case: are Europeans ready to heavily sanction China too? The American president will also look for these answers in Brussels.

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