Because Russia has enlisted Chechen militiamen and Arab mercenaries for the war in Ukraine

The presence of Chechen militiamen and Arab mercenaries arriving in Ukraine responds to the Syrian pattern: Russia needs elements to play the role of guardians

The presence of Chechens and the alleged arrival of Arab mercenaries in Ukraine responds to Syrian scheme: Moscow needs elements to play the role of guardians.

When Putin sent the contingent to Assad’s rescue, he later involved the units made available by the dictator Kadyrov. In fact they played the military police function, patrolling towns and cities in the Arab country. A role linked to past experiences, a mission emphasized by the aura of ferocity that accompanies the militiamen. They are a Caucasian version of the Wagner security company, mobilized in Syria, Libya and the African theater.

At the same time, the nearly 10,000 elements increase the forces that can be used by the General Staff: all the experts underline how the massive concentration put in place by Putin at the beginning of the offensive is not enough. Then there is the possibility that the Chechens will turn into disciplinary companies, ready to put fragile and deserters back into the ranks. a simple hypothesis, like many others. Perhaps emphasized by the episodes where the military abandoned their vehicles without firing a shot. Or inflated by propaganda of war. Which also involved Kadyrov’s men: it was written that his officers, on the eve, would have expressed doubts about the motivations of some departments, unwilling to pull on the enemy. The same consideration reserved for Lukashenko’s Belarusian troop. We are always in the waltz of true and false.

The expert Kamil Galeev, a great connoisseur of reality, remarked how in the Kremlin Kadyrov’s public activism – yesterday he launched the video on Telegram claiming to be north of Kiev – would be unwelcome, the commanders must remain in the shadows, there can be no personalities. On the way down we arrive at the Syrians who would have been recruited by the thousands, with some hundreds already arrived at the border with the Donbass. To do what? Here too we are at the options:
A) Some have argued that they would not be suitable and their participation would even be counterproductive.
B) Others warn: they do not have sufficient preparation to face the Ukrainian resisters.
C) Eventually Moscow will have to use them because it cannot do without them if it wants to garrison large proportions of territory. With the cynical remark: possible losses would have little impact on Russian public opinion.

These are all speculations that have to go through counter-proofs. The ongoing conflict, many forecasts have turned out to be wrong, it is not said that looking at the previous ones serves to find clear answers.

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