Bohdan Tsymbal, from the Beijing Olympics to bombs with her newborn son in Ukraine

The young Ukrainian participated in the Beijing Winter Games in February, then returned to his homeland. Photographed with his son on his chest as he sleeps in a bomb shelter

Give her Olympic Games to the horror of war; from the snows of the Beijing Winter Games to a basement of Chernihiv transformed into a shelter to protect themselves from Russian bombs; from the satisfied embrace at the end of the race with the teammates of the relay that finished ninth in the most coveted review by all sportsmen, to the most dramatic with the newborn son on the chest, both asleep on a makeshift bed. the dramatic parable lived in the space of a few weeks since Bohdan Tsymbal, 24 years oldbiathlete born in Sumyone of the city battered by Russian attacks.

On the same days as Vladimir Putinon a visit to Beijing for the Olympic Games, he met the Chinese leader Xi Jinping, this
Ukrainian big boy was involved in three races: the two individual tests (55 in the 20 km and 66 in the 10 km), as well as in the relay. After the competitions, in an increasingly heavy climate as Russian troops continued to mass at the border, Bohdan Tsymbal returned to his homeland to join his family. And yesterday the Ukrainian Parliamenton his twitter profile, he published the poignant photo of the biathlete hugging his son in an air-raid shelter.

After a silver and a bronze at the 2018 European Junior Championships, Bohdan Tsymbal made his debut in the World Cup in January 2020 in Oberhof. Since then he has taken part in major international competitions, up to the Olympics last February. Biathlon is a very popular sport in Ukraine and at the beginning of the war one of the young champions of this sport died in combat: Yevehen Malyshev, 20, junior national team in 2020in the meantime he had enlisted and at the end of February, according to what was communicated by the Ukrainian biathlon federation, he was killed during a clash with Russian troops.

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