Brent Renaud, 51, the American journalist killed in Irpin

The reporter was filming the civilian escape from Irpin when he was shot in the neck. Another was injured and taken to hospital

American reporter and filmmaker Brent Renaud was killed in Irpin, near Kiev, early Sunday afternoon. Another journalist, Juan Arredondo, who was with him was injured.

According to the first reconstructions of what happened, Renaud and his colleague they were filming the refugees on the run by Irpin when they were shot at at a checkpoint. Renaud was impressed in the neck and died instantly while the colleague was transferred to the hospital.

We were crossing the first bridge in Irpin with other colleagues, to film the refugees fleeing – said Arredondo (in a video shot by the journalist of Internazionale Annalisa Camilli) – A car approached and asked us if we wanted to go with them to pass the second bridge, we passed the checkpoint and they shot at us. Brent was injured and we had to leave him behind to escape. I was brought here by an ambulance. I saw that he was shot in the neck.

The first news of Renaud’s death (51 years old) was spread on social networks by the head of the local police, Andrei Nebitov, together with the reporter’s documents.
At first the news then spread that Renaud was a reporter for the New York Times because he wore the newspaper badge. It was then the same American newspaper that denied that the reporter had an assignment from the newspaper for reports in Ukraine, although he had collaborated with the Times in the past (in 2015).

We are deeply saddened to hear of Brent Renaud’s death – wrote the NYT in a note – Brent was a talented photographer and videomaker who collaborated with us for years, but he was not on a mission to Ukraine for the New York Times.

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