Cardinal Krajewski to Kiev: “Faith moves mountains, let alone war”

The Almoner of Francis prays in the cathedral in Lviv: “I will go on as long as possible”. And to the nuncio he says: “Everyone knows that if they bomb me, they bomb the Pope’s envoy”

And now, Eminence? Will you go to Kiev? “I will go on as long as possible. I leave Lviv and bring the Holy Father’s message of peace, prayer. This is our very strong weapon, a weapon that can be frightening for those who attack Ukraine ». Konrad Krajewski, 58, the Pope’s Almoner and Francis’ envoy to Ukraine, is as serene in Lviv as in the streets of Rome, where at night he rides in a white van to distribute blankets and food to the homeless who call him “Father Corrado”, without suspecting he is a cardinal, the same one who three years ago lowered himself into a manhole to break the seals and reconnect the light to five hundred people in an occupied building in the center. The apostolic nuncio to Ukraine, Monsignor Visvaldas Kulbokas, said that there were fifty children in an orphanage about thirty kilometers north-west of Kiev for three days in the cold and without light, they had to be rescued but there was no guarantee that the “humanitarian corridors” were safe from Russian bombing, in the end the Secretariat of State moved “to the highest levels” and managed to take them away. When he spoke to Krajewski, who passed the border between Poland and Ukraine the other day, the Almsman told him: “If you have a problem in the future and you can’t get enough guarantees to evacuate people, tell them to all of which I go there to pick them up in person. Everyone knows that if they bomb, they bomb me as Pap’s envoyto”.

Thursday morning led a prayer for peace in the cathedral of Lviv which was also attended by Orthodox Christians and Jewish and Muslim representatives. In the end she explained: “Faith can move mountains, let alone stupid war. And this is also the strength of the people in Ukraine, who with faith and love for their country, for their families, are able to resist and save their country, because they save their country ». Just arrived, at the portal of the Holy See Vatican news he explained: “Here every five minutes I see refugees arriving from the eastern part of Kiev. They are mostly women with children. Some want to enter Poland, they want to stay close to the border, but there are those who have moved here to Lviv – there is still no war here, even if it is very dangerous – and they are waiting for liberation, they are waiting to return ». The good news is that aid from the West manages to arrive, medicines, food, clothes, even if “here they have difficulty in finding diesel and therefore, through alms, the Holy Father has paid for many trips of the Tir, of the big trucks that bring humanitarian aid inside Ukraine ». And now, in Lviv, the cardinal has explained the meaning of his arrival in Ukraine: «The presence, first of all. The Holy Father wants to be present in this tormented nation, presence is the first name of love and therefore you have to be present. And then of course, in addition to moral help, beyond faith and the hope of getting out of this terrible situation, there are very concrete help that arrives through diplomatic channels “. When asked how it is possible to negotiate with those who bomb children’s hospitals, he sighs: “I’m not a diplomat, I came here with the logic of the Gospel. What would Jesus do? He was always on the side of people who suffer. Even the Holy Father always follows the logic of the Gospel, for this we are here and for this we pray. Our weapons are faith, hope, and the most sophisticated weapons in the world, of which the Gospel speaks to us: prayer, fasting and almsgiving ».

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