Carlo: “The meeting of the Commonwealth countries is more important than ever”

Of Enrica Roddolo

The announcement: she will be Elizabeth’s heir to represent her in June at the Commonwealth summit, after today taking over for the queen in Westminster. Elizabeth’s words: These times put us to the test

It is Charles, today, who represents Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey at the Commonwealth Day ceremony, the family of nations of 2.5 billion people, started in 1949 and which now has 54 countries: almost a third of the world population, from the Caribbean to Canada (days ago the visit of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Elizabeth in Windsor).

And in June it will again be Carlo with Camilla – on behalf of the queen – to represent her at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting to be held in Kigali in Rwanda. As the world works to restart after Covid, and in this Jubilee year it is more important than ever for the countries of the Commonwealth to come together, said Carlo.

The announcement at the same time as the solemn ceremony at Westminster Abbey (the first in the presence after two years of pandemic) in which, in addition to Carlo and Camilla, William and Kate take part and other frontline members of the Windsors such as Princess Alexandra. Absent the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester positive for Covid. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and Home Secretary Priti Patel were present.

My life will always be dedicated to service. Our family of nations confirms itself as a point of connection, cooperation and friendship, writes Elizabeth II in her 2022 message for the Commonwealth. And he concludes: In these testing timesin these challenging times, my hope that you will find strength and inspiration from what we share … for a prosperous future for all.

A reference to that Times they test us, to all the tests of these two years (from the pandemic to the new war in Europe).

For Carlo, a double dress rehearsal of the role of Head of the Commonwealth that he will have when the crown passes to him. A role, that of Head of the Commonwealth is not taken for granted for the truth, but with a skilful move the august mother in 2018 expressed at the annual meeting of the countries that are part of this family of free and equal members, in short, of sovereign and equal countries, her desire for Charles to succeed her in the role. Desire accepted.

Not only. Today’s leadership of the Commonwealth Day ceremony also confirms a growing, increasingly active role. Naturally involved in all the dynamics of the kingdom. A reign of which the Platinum Jubilee of this 2022 wants to celebrate together with the achievement of the sovereign, the sense of community extended to the countries of the Commonwealth, as Elizabeth recalled in the message of last February 5. Not to mention that the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games will also be held in 2022 overseas.

Elizabeth’s record reign also began with a replacement in the name of the Commonwealth. With the Commonwealth tour (she was in charge of replacing him by her father George VI) she left London on January 31, 1952. Since then Elizabeth has made nearly 200 trips to the Commonwealth. No longer colonies but sovereign countries, linked by friendship, loyalty and desire for peace, friendship, loyalty and the desire for peace. Values ​​that are very current in this spring 2022 which brought the war to Europe.

It’s up to Carlo – who immediately took a clear-cut position condemning the brutal aggression on the war in Ukraine – therefore, as had already happened to the Prince of Wales last November after the sovereign’s renunciation of the commemoration of the fallen. Inevitable, given the new fragility of the almost 96-year-old sovereign, especially as the months to come will be a crescendo of physical and public commitment, with the climate of the celebrations of her Platinum Jubilee scheduled from 2 to 5 June in London: first British queen for 70 years on the throne. And already on March 29 with the mass in memory of Prince Philip to whom you gave a goodbye in lockdown in 2021, alone among the benches of the chapel of St. George in Windsor. Speaking of the Jubilee, for the first time, in addition to London and the Isle of Man, the “torches of the Jubilee” will also be lit in the capitals of all the Commonwealth countries. A way for the sovereign, who she started at 25 when the independence instincts were not so strong (in November 2021, Barbados became a republic), to send a message of unity.

Imperial Commonwealth by Lord Elton, the theorist of what in fact the evolution of the ancient British Empire, was studied by Charles as by Queen Elizabeth, together with Walter Bagehot’s The English Constitution. Sir Henry Martens of the College of Eton gave her instructions on domestic and foreign policy to the queen. It was Martens who illustrated to the girl the sacred text of the British monarchical system, which already her father of her King George VI and grandfather George V had carefully checked. You yourself read today of William, who with Kate is preparing to kick off the Platinum Jubilee tour in the Commonwealth countries (along with the other frontline Royals). The soft diplomacy of smiles and friendship between nations. Never as necessary today.

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