China “has opened up the possibility of supplying arms to Russia”. Asked: missiles, drones and armored vehicles

The news was reported by the Financial Times. On Monday, Russia denied having requested financial or military aid

China would be willing to supply arms to Russia. Today, Monday 14 March, the Financial Times publishes the indiscretion, explaining that the American administration would have communicated it to the allies in Europe.

The United States has told allies that the military equipment that Russia has requested from China includes missiles, drones and armored vehicles. Beijing would have responded positively to the request, always reports the Financial Times. It is unclear, the paper points out, whether China is already providing the requested support, or whether it has simply pledged to do so

. In the documents sent to the allies it was not specified whether China had signaled a readiness for the future or if it had already begun to provide military support, nor if the availability was expressed in recent days or before the conflict began.

If China chooses to support Russia materially in this war, there will likely be consequences, a Defense Ministry official told the British newspaper. We have seen China basically give its tacit assent to what Moscow is doing in Ukraine by refusing to join sanctions, blaming the West and the US for the assistance we are giving to Ukraine, and saying it wants to see a peaceful outcome – but essentially doing nothing to achieve it.

From a first check, al Courier service it appears that the news was filtered by the government of Boris Johnson and from there it would have ended up on the pages of the London newspaper. There is currently no confirmation in the United States, although the Pentagon and Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, they had publicly revealed that Vladimir Putin was seeking Xi Jinping’s military support.

From Moscow, the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, had denied: Russia did not ask for help either from China or from other countries. But these are worthless words, given the constant stream of grotesque and tragic lies coming from the Russian summit.

On the other hand, the statement by the spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Zhao Lijian, who accused the Americans of conducting a dangerous disinformation campaign, should be evaluated, adding: We need a diplomatic solution, instead of a further escalation.

In recent days, the spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Washington, Liu Pengyu, had made it known that he had not heard anything about the request from the Russians.

Today, however, Sullivan raised the issue in his meeting in Rome with the plenipotentiary of Chinese foreign policy Yang Jiechi.

The Pentagon is following developments in the situation with great, great attention.

clear that if the information were confirmed, the political-diplomatic and military scenario could change dramatically.

At the moment, the United States, the European Union and Great Britain have imposed severe financial sanctions against Moscow, and have started delivering weapons to the Ukrainian army so that it can defend itself against invasion.

The Russian campaign, now in the third week, continues at a slower pace than the Kremlin expected, also due to the strenuous resistance of the Ukrainians.
According to the Financial Times, US officials believe China is trying to help Russia as its senior officials publicly demand a diplomatic solution to the war.

Joe Biden’s administration has been pushing for weeks to persuade Beijing to stem Putin. Washington alternates openings and harsh warnings. On the one hand, Sullivan explicitly seeks Yang Jiechi’s shore; on the other, he assures that the United States will punish all those countries that help Russia to circumvent economic sanctions.

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