Covid, the worst outbreak in China after the Wuhan disaster

Shanghai closes all schools, lockdown for 9 million people in Changchun city. In one day there were 1,100 cases, an unacceptable figure for the Zero Tolerance policy. Now the concern for Hong Kong (30,000 infections a day): a similar situation in mainland China would disintegrate the health system

There China in the face of the worst outbreak of COVID-19 after the disaster of Wuhan.

Today – Friday 11 March – they were registered 1,100 cases, the highest number in a single day since February 2020. Even last week the daily number of infections was stable and did not exceed a hundred.

Not even the politics of Zero tolerance manages to completely shut off the circulation of the Omicron variant.

THE contagions have been identified in 16 provinces. All schools have been closed in Shanghai. The nine million inhabitants of the city of Changchun, in the north-east of the country, have been placed in lockdown: only one person per family can go out, once every two days.

Chinese numbers are still very few, for a population of 1.4 billion people. And a drop, if you think about the situation in the rest of the world, in South Korea, for example, 280,000 cases have been discovered out of a population of 52 million inhabitants. (Even in Italy, cases are on the rise, as explained here).

But mainland China looks forward to the situation Hong Kong, which in recent weeks has truly transformed into the new Wuhan: infections have reached 30,000 a day in a city of 7.2 million inhabitants. In total, 550,000 cases and 3,000 deaths were recorded in this wave (between January 2020 and January 2022 there were only 213 deaths). According to epidemiologists, the effect of the very poor circulation of the virus in Hong Kong in the first two years of the pandemic and the lack of vaccination of the majority of the elderly. Now the Omicron bomb has exploded and the city has been fully hit.

If it happened in mainland China, the health system would disintegrate, they say in Beijing. This is why the Zero Tolerance policy remains in effect indefinitely.

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