Covid, two deaths in China: they are the first after a year

The dead in the province of Jilin, the largest outbreak of the new wave in China. Health authorities on alert: total cases of 2021 exceeded in a few weeks

First victims for Covid for over a year in China, where a resumption of infections has been underway since the beginning of March. Two deaths, the first reported in the country from 26 January 2021: both occurred in northeastern province of Jilin, where two thirds of the 4,051 new daily cases are concentrated (of which 2,228 are symptomatic, the only ones that the National Health Commission considers to be ascertained).

The news takes hold on social networks. Two new Covid deaths in Jilin trending on the Chinese platform Weibo. Here many ask for more information on the two victims. Why did it happen? asks a navigator. Others express their support for the Chinese approach of zero tolerance that imposes lockdown and carpet pads as soon as an outbreak is identified, although Beijing is starting to question this strategy as these measures do not eliminate the risk and are harmful to the economy.

Since the beginning of March there has been a resumption of the circulation of Covid-19, with infections that in 2022 have already reached the number of the entire 2021: over 9,000 since the beginning of the year, compared to 8,378 in 2021 (always only symptomatic). Beijing’s health authorities are alarmed: they want to avoid being confronted with one situation like that of Hong Kong, which in this new wave has recorded over 3,000 deaths in a few weeks, compared to 213 in the first two years of the pandemic. Epidemiologists say that Hong Kong today is a victim in part of its own success: the coronavirus had very little circulated and for this reason the majority of the elderly had not been vaccinated. In addition, vaccines developed by the Chinese industry offer less protection than Western ones.

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