Diana’s former secretary compensated by the BBC for the 1995 interview

Of Enrica Roddolo

The “substantial donation” recognized by British public television will be donated to the charity that takes care of children with health problems, of which the princess was the godmother

In memory of Diana, substantial compensation for the damages suffered by the then private secretary of Princess Patrick Jephson, will go to Ty Hafan, the charity in Wales that is dedicated to children with serious health problems and of which the “princess of hearts” she was godmother.

The compensation that the BBC agreed to pay to the former secretary of the Princess of Wales today is the latest fallout from the Dyson Report: the investigation into the improper, deceptive way of acting by the journalist of the Panorama program on British public TV to extort the declarations that led to the breakup of the royal wedding from the princess in 1995.

On that interview – in which Diana spoke in front of millions of viewers of a “threesome”, alluding to Camilla – a year ago William, the princess’s son, was rightly upset. Hoping that the deception put in place by the journalist Martin Bashir, in order to wrest declarations from the princess with no return against the royal family and her marriage, would be put under the lens.

The beginning of an investigation that today led to public television to acknowledge that “serious harm was caused to Jephson by the circumstances in which the princess’s interview was obtained, as is evident from the Dyson report.” For this reason, British TV has agreed not only to pay legal fees and to apologize but to grant them a “substantial sum of money” for damages, which the former secretary has asked to be paid to charities indicated by him. Exactly the Ty Hafan.

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