Draghi at the EU summit: «Putin does not want peace. We are not in a war economy, but let’s get ready “

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The premier after the Versailles summit: exaggerated alarms, the Italian made exceptional performance and can manage a temporary slowdown

A success. With this word the Italian premier Mario Draghiduring the press conference he defined the European summit in Versailles: I have rarely seen the EU so compact.
The Italian premier said he was in favor of Ukraine’s accession to the European Union. But he specified that there are different nuances on the issue among European countries: There is a great willingness on the part of many, a great determination on the part of others and a considerable caution on the part of still others. I am the first to think that a message of encouragement would help but we must also respect what others are saying.
The words of the Italian premier on the Russian president: Vladimir Putin does not want peace, his plan seems to be another. I hope that there will be an opening as soon as possible and we will do everything to get Ukraine and Russia to talk to each other, as long as the dignity of Ukraine is preserved.

Regarding the uncertainties about the present and the economic future within the continent Draghi said that, despite the difficult period, the EU continues to grow: I have seen exaggerated alarms, we must prepare but we are not in a war economy, the premier said. Certainly, to support the economy, a convincing budgetary response will be needed, which cannot come from national budgets: there must be a European response.

Entering into the merits of Italian growth, Draghi spoke of our country’s exceptional performance which allows it, therefore, to have high credit and to face a slowdown, even temporary, of the economy. The important thing now, points out the premier go ahead with the agenda of the NRP: Not that we are standing still because there is war, otherwise we are putting the June and then December loans at risk. It is therefore crucial to proceed with that agenda set in recent months.

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