In Mariupol the victims are buried in mass graves –

There is no time to cry. The bombs also wiped out spivchuttia, pity for the dead. There are 6 victims per hour, says the mayor of Mariupol. Without water, without electricity for the morgue fridges, corpses can turn into biological hazards to the living. As soon as possible, the bodies of the dead should be buried. Mass graves are the only solution. In Mariupol there is no time for spivchuttia (Andrea Nicastro, sent to Dnipro) A pile of corpses is thrown into a mass grave outside Mariupol, Ukraine. In the city it became impossible to bury the dead due to the intense bombing. These are photos that we struggle to publish. But we believe it is necessary. The deputy editor of Corriere Barbara Stefanelli explained it well “What’s the point of looking at these photos? What’s the point of doing them while children are dying? The meaning is not to escape the ultimate truth, or before, that at the center of the wars – under the declarations, the delusions, the maps, the rubble – there are people who are killed, erased from history, their history, unique and unrepeatable like all of them. our stories, people made to fly away like weightless feathers. Show them to Putin, a doctor told the PA reporter (AP Photo / Evgeniy Maloletka)

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