Kiev, among Russians in the capital: missile scrap on homes, “We will never be neutral again”

Of Lorenzo Cremonesi

Citizens who were linked to Moscow also became nationalists and determined to resist. Dozens of dead in Chernihiv, among them an American

This time the wreckage of the Russian missile hit by the Ukrainian anti-aircraft fell on the buildings in no particular order, creating more extensive but less serious destruction than those of recent days in the rest of the city. Not a fire outbreak with dozens of totally devastated apartmentsbut hundreds and hundreds of windows and window frames shattered. Yesterday morning employees of the Kiev municipality they donated whole rolls of cellophane to citizens who were in a hurry to somehow repair their homes and block the intense cold of winter in the Darnytskyi neighborhood. The hospitals spoke of one dead, three seriously injured, dozens light, as well as 35 evacuated civilians. As in recent days, the fact that so many are displaced and the rest are sleeping in shelters has prevented a massacre.

The latest news on the war in Ukraine

In Kiev for a week now the alarm sirens have been heard with apprehension at night, therefore, the rumble of explosions arrive and in the middle of the morning the social networks provide the details of the latest Russian attacks. With a significant difference compared to the indiscriminate bombing of civilians in other parts of the country, including villages just outside the outskirts of the capital. «The Russians are currently trying to shoot military targets in the city center. But clearly they have unsophisticated missiles and poorly trained personnel, plus our surface-to-air rockets try to intercept them. Like this, they hit civilian areas at random», Explains the chief of police for the Kiev region, Andrij Nebytov. All different, for example, from the targeted bombings on the areas of the center of Chernhiv, a hundred kilometers to the north, where about sixty people have died in the last 24 hours, including an American citizen.

However, the harsh reaction of the population against Putin and his army is guaranteed: every alarm, every attack, every bomb, every victim only foments anger and a desire for revenge. “Was Putin hoping to garner support?” He is a criminal, a dangerous madman, he is having the exact opposite effect. You have to stop it, you have to help us. Putin must know that there are no Nazis here, as he absurdly proclaims, but civilians who love peace. But now Europe and NATO must help us eliminate it and reduce it in a position to no longer threaten world peace, ”says the 60-year-old Lida, who lives in one of the damaged buildings and works in the neighborhood supermarket, crying.

Speaking with these people, one wonders how the Ukraine of the future that Putin would like in exchange for an end to the aggression can ever be “neutral”. And this due to the fact that now even those sectors of the population that until a month ago were linked to the Russia for ethnic, cultural, family or religious reasons, they have become deeply nationalist and determined to defend the identity of an independent Ukraine linked to the values ​​of the democratic West. “Ironically, many of the inhabitants of the apartments affected by Putin today are of Russian origin. We are Russian ourselves. My aunt Taissia lives in St. Petersburg. Part of my husband’s family resides in Moscow. Before February 24th, we talked to each other daily on the phone. But now I can no longer listen to their speeches, it is clear that they are afraid of their police, or they are brainwashed by the censored media, ”says the 42-year-old Oxana. Her neighbor Tatiana adds: “Putin is devastating Mariupol, Kharkiv, he threatens Odessa, which were the most pro-Russian cities in Ukraine and are setting the example of our guerrilla war of the future”.

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