Lu Yuguang, the only (Chinese) envoy on the Russian side

Of Guido Santevecchi

His chronicles are biased because he follows the Russian Army: but interesting information emerges from his reports. Like the soldiers advancing into Mariupol: long beard, tired and drawn face, different uniforms

There is a lot of discussion about Chinese military support for Russia: American intelligence reveals that it has intercepted requests from Moscow and also a response to availability from Beijing (the list goes from drones to armored vehicles, from field radios to food rations of which the invaders would be dramatically short). China denies it saying: Usual misinformation with nefarious intentions.

But there is a Chinese with a helmet and a bulletproof vest, following the Russian army. Is called Lu Yuguangand by profession he does the reporter for Phoenix TV based in Hong Kong and controlled by the Chinese state. Lu Yuguang since the beginning of the invasion at the front, embedded with the Russian departments. Apparently the only foreign journalist to have had access to the Russian side of the operation. A former Chinese Navy officer with a degree and fluency in Russian, Lu left his journalism uniform for 20 years and became head of the correspondence office of Phoenix TV in Moscow. Thanks to his military experience, he has had access to special counter-terrorism operations conducted in the past by the Russian services on various hot fronts and has received a series of war journalism awards. He now he broadcasts from the advance zones in Ukraine.

The latest news on the war in Ukraine

His chronicles are biased (no regular army, since Vietnam, carries with it an uncomfortable reporter or worse, perceived as an adversary). But often, a vein of excessive enthusiasm escapes the Chinese envoy, as when interviewing a group of Russian soldiers on a transport vehicle advancing towards Mariupol he observes: They are going to liberate other areas and he wishes them victory. The Chinese correspondent then told of human shields used by Ukrainian militiamenbut he also brought in front of his camera civilians who came out tattered and in shock from the bombings (and for this reason on social networks Mandarins were criticized by some trolls who cheer for Putin).

Behind the controversy, the work of the reporter embedded with the Russian Army is valuable, because looking closely at the details of its services information emerges: for example, the soldiers who advance in the Mariupol area and greet him with the V of victory, have a tired and drawn face, a long beard, there is not one with complete equipment and the same as that of the others: in short, it seems a very tried department and short of supplies. And in fact, at the bottom of his chronicle, the correspondent of the Phoenix TV observes: Here new troops are constantly arriving, after the heavy losses suffered by the leading battalions of the operation. Of course, Lu Yuguang never uses the term invasion: neither does the Chinese government and in any case the new Russian law provides for 15 years in prison for those who spread fake news (that is, unwelcome to Putin).

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