Marina Ovsyannikova, the dissident journalist of Russian TV: “My teenage son accuses me of ruining everyone’s life”

Of Elisa Messina

“Anything can happen to me, even a road accident and nothing will ever be the same again. But now I can speak openly “the Channel One journalist released after her protest gesture now she lives in hiding but she also suffers because her family does not support her

The Russian journalist Marina Ovsyannikova continues to speak. About her About her gesture, about her current state of mind, even about her family who does not support her. The editor of the Russian TV who contested the invasion of Ukraine live, during the most popular evening news with a sign saying “stop the war, here they are lying to you”, continues to make her voice heard through the newspapers Westerners and relaunched by Telegram. Aware that nothing is more dangerous than silence and of media isolation when one is responsible for the most glaring gesture of dissent against Putin and his gagged information since the war began. And that that fine of 30 thousand rubles (about 250 euros) for organizing an “unauthorized public initiative” is really nothing compared to what could happen to her.

“Anything could happen: a car accident, whatever they want. I am aware of this and have to be careful. But by now I have already passed the point of no return. Now I can speak openly and publicly, ”he said yesterday in an interview with the international online edition of the German magazine Spiegel. Interview in which you reiterated of not wanting to leave the country: “I’m a patriot.” Even if at the moment she no longer lives in her house of hers Moscow but she is hidden with her friends of hers: “I take tranquilizers. My life has changed forever and I’m just starting to understand that. ” Now Marina Ovsyannikova is really alone.

The hours spent in court after his appearance on TV were only the first step. “I have heard that high-ranking representatives of the leadership have asked for a criminal case against me,” said Ovsyannikova, adding that, in addition to the fine, they did not impose the canonical 15 days in prison just because she has minor children: ” Otherwise I would be sitting in a cell like many others ». Marina has two children aged 11 and 17 who are safe in Moscow. Her husband (or ex-husband, but she never mentions it), he is the director of the television network Rt.

That of Marina Ovsyannikova it is a painful isolation not only for political reasons: his gesture it was not understood in the family: «My mother is still in shock, she is completely exhausted. My son was very impressed with all of this, he is going through a difficult phase at his age anyway. He accused me of destroying all our lives. We talk about it among ourselves, but it’s difficult ». Difficult because there are two psychological fronts: «My family is not really supporting me. To this is added the official public opinion, which is against me ».

A clarification that you care: it was not Channel One the broadcaster she had been working for successfully since 2003 fired her: “It was I who resigned in disagreement with the channel’s policy.” Difference that has a value for you. In previous years, Marina had never taken political positions and did not participate in protests: “Call it a cognitive dissonance that I have repressed for a long time,” she says now, recalling how the limitations on freedoms and the gag on the press in the country have progressively increased over time while in she grew something dormant. Something that surprised everyone: «The beginning of the war against Ukraine was a point of no return for me. Nobody – neither I, nor my friends or family expected it. ‘

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