Marina Ovsyannikova, the journalist who broke live on Russian TV, has disappeared

Of Marco Imarisio

Marina Ovsyannikova last night appeared behind the presenter with a protest sign. she was arrested but her lawyers are unable to contact her

The deployment of police cars and armored vehicles around the Ostankino tower was the first signal. Something very serious had happened to surround the state TV headquarters in that way. Like an attack, like an upside-down coup. What journalist Marina Ovsyannikova did last night was a gesture of courage with little precedent in recent Russian history. Speaking during the evening edition of the Newscast, the most popular program, conducted by the most popular presenter of the Russians and Vladimir Putin. To show a sign that says No to war in English, the language of Westerners and below, in the mother tongue, the words Don’t believe the propaganda, here they are lying to you. Before leaving on this near impossible mission, the reporter also had posted a video on his Facebook accountthat a passionate indictment on the complicity of propaganda in this tragedy.

But now nothing is known about her. Where is Marina, all those who protest against the invasion of Ukraine ask themselves, who have already turned it into a symbol. And a good question. After being officially informed that Marina had been stopped, the lawyers of Ovd-Info, the independent Russian association that fights political persecution, they tried to get in touch with her. His friends claimed he was at the nearest police station, adjacent to the Ostankino tower. The agents said they knew nothing about it. Then the research moved to the Channel One headquarters. But even there, no confirmation.

More than fifteen hours have passed now, and one detainee has not yet been able to contact his legal representatives. Marina, an employee of the same television network, was editor of the Moscow chronicle. In recent years she had become producer of external services. Her colleagues describe her as a tough and determined journalist, focused on her work. No one has ever heard of her dissent towards the war, despite the fact that she is known to be of a Ukrainian mother and a Russian father. Her husband Igor works for Russia Today, another channel very loyal to Putin. When asked if he had any news, he replied with a terse Goodbye.

For sure the only thing is that she was arrested. At the moment the accusation should be that of having discredited the Russian army by using alleged fake newsunder the new law just approved by the Duma, which punishes this particular crime with penalties that may arrive up to fifteen years of imprisonment. His Facebook account, which was immediately filled with messages of solidarity and thanks, is no longer reachable from Russia. On Twitter, visible only in the rest of the world, her account appeared, probably managed by people close to her, which provides some plausible news. After a night in an unknown location, he would now be under house arrest. she was informed that she faces a very direct trial and a very heavy sentence. The long disappearance of Marina Ovsyannikova has just begun.

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