Mariupol Theater, in the courtyard the inscription “children” in Russian: the images seen from the satellite

A satellite image, taken by the Maxar company, shows the word written in large white letters in Cyrillic. The city council said that the Russian forces have “Intentionally and cynically destroyed the place “

US satellite company Maxar Technologies has distributed satellite imagery – made last March 14 – which show how in the courtyard of the theater by Mariupolbombed today (March 16, ed), she had been painted the inscription “children”, with the Cyrillic characters (“дети”, “Deti”).

The four-letter word, in capital letters and in large white characters, is clearly visible in front of and behind the theater. To ensure that any attacks did not target a target where there were also children and where over a thousand people had found refuge. Yet in the afternoon the building was most likely bombed by Russian forces (who however denied being responsible). The city council said that the Russian forces have, therefore, “Intentionally and cynically theater in the heart of Mariupol destroyed ».

The satellite company has announced the release of new images as they become available. According to the city authorities of Mariupol, the theater was hit by a bomb dropped by a Russian fighter.

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