Mural and works of art to say “no” to the war in Ukraine and to censorship in the world

Ode to free thinking

Fedor Dostoevskij is the face that now illuminates the courtyard of the Augusto Righi institute in Naples, in the Fuorigrotta district. Representing the Russian writer and philosopher – together with Leo Tolstoy considered one of the greatest Russian novelists and thinkers of all time – was the Neapolitan writer Jorit Ciro Cerullo, known simply as Jorit. This is a response to the suspension, later withdrawn, of Paolo Nori’s lectures on the Russian author at the Bicocca in Milan. The project is part of “Right between the eyes” promoted by the Jorit Foundation in collaboration with the Campania Region with the realization of another work on peace in Salerno. «I wanted to send a message from a small but large institute in Naples – he explained – and that is that only with culture can we understand the causes of wars and build peace. Culture is a universal value for which even Dostoevsky’s work is a heritage of humanity ». As always, before completing the work, Jorit fills the space chosen for the mural with a text. In this case the quotation is taken from a dialogue between friar Francesco, friar Ciccirillo (Totò) and Ninetto (Davoli) in «Uccellacci e birds »by Pier Paolo Pasolini. «We must change this world, Fra Ciccillo! This is what you have not understood ». One of the «most beautiful dialogues among Pasolini’s works – has always made me think about how culture can open one’s eyes and interpret reality. This is what it takes to understand war and build peace ”, concluded the artist.

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