North Korea, Kim Jong-un tests a new missile capable of hitting the United States

As the world looks to war in Europe, Kim Jong-un intensifies his missile preparations in North Korea

Alarm North Korea from Washington. As the world looks to war in Europe, Kim Jong-un intensifies its missile preparations.

On February 27 and March 4, the North Koreans launched two missiles which, according to Pyongyang, are part of a project to put a reconnaissance (spy) satellite into orbit. But in thePentagon analysis the two carriers actually contained the key components of a new ICB that was paraded ashore in a 2020 parade (it was then called Hwasong-17).

It would be an ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) whose range has yet to be evaluated. L’American intelligence he thinks that Kim has ordered a dress rehearsal in view of a launch of the new missile, which would definitively put an end to the moratorium on launches capable of hitting the territory of the United States to which the North Korean Marshal had committed in 2018, during the great thaw with Donald Trump.

In 2017, Pyongyang had launched three ICBM missiles, prompting Trump to threaten fire and fury to annihilate the Kim regime. By comparing the data from the two tests of February 27 and March 4, analysts think that the Hwasong-17 could have a range of 13,000 kilometers, enough to threaten all cities in the United States. To move in parade, the missile needed an 11-axle transport vehicle.

In 2022, the North Koreans have already carried out 9 missile tests: 7 in January, then stopped to respect the Olympic truce during the Beijing Games. They resumed experimental activity on February 27, under the cover of the Ukrainian war. On the same days the South Korea she was campaigning for the presidential election. On March 9, conservative Yoon Suk-yeo, a candidate of the opposition, was elected. He will take office in May, succeeding the progressive Moon jae-in, who had led the effort to relax with the North. During the election campaign, Yoon promised a tougher approach than Seoul against the North Korean enemy and pledged to resume the deployment in South Korean territory of the American Thaad (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) missile defense system, frozen due to creeping sanctions imposed by China , convinced that the device destabilizes its defensive system. Even if and when the flames of war are extinguished in Europe, we must deal with the outbreaks in Asiafrom Taiwan to the Korean Peninsula.

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