Prince William: “This war is horrible, but Europe has never been so united”

Of Enrica Roddolo

Elizabeth’s nephew talked about Europe (and war), meeting the volunteers of the Ukrainian Cultural Center in London, with his wife Kate, in blue and a solidarity pin for Kiev

“It is horrifying, disconcerting, to see all this in Europe. We are all with you ». Prince William said on a visit with his wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge to the Holland Park Ukrainian cultural center in London. Where Kate arrived carrying a package of homemade sweets for the volunteers in the center where medicines, food and clothes are being collected for the warring population.

“We are all horrified by what we are seeing. It is truly excruciating – commented the prince listening to the stories from the areas under attack -. The news every day … for our generation to see all this in Europe is disconcerting. We are all with you, we think of you, but we also feel so little help ». The prince added: “But the irony of all this is that it leads Europe to a common front”.

Carlo’s son was then taken up by social media for having forgotten the precedent of the war in the Balkans, but it must be said that he spoke “for his generation”.

So after Brexit, after years in which the world has scanned the Windsors and the queen for a clue revealing a stance on the European question (on leave or remain), it was the conflict in Ukraine that brought perhaps the second in line to the throne for the first time, to express himself on Europe.

“Europe is now more united than it has ever been before, and it is for Ukraine, we are all with you,” continued Elizabeth II’s nephew. who at the time of the referendum on Europe flaunted a blue hat with yellow flowers like the European flag, letting out a political thought in his own way. All to be interpreted, because officially Her Majesty has never expressed herself politically in 70 years of reign.

Days ago, speaking of colors, on receiving Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Elizabeth II exhibited on the table a bouquet of blue and yellow flowers like the Ukrainian flag.

Like any father, like any family, William he admitted that he had to answer the questions of the children of the house about the emergency.

“They came home (our children: Princes George, Charlotte and Louis) asking what was going on”, William said, “And I tried to pick the words well to give them an answer.”

Kate, welcomed at the Ukrainian cultural center by the ambassador to the United Kingdom Vadym Prystaiko with his wife Inna Prystaiko whom he hugged affectionately (regardless of the etiquette), showed up with a blue sweater and a pin of solidarity with the Ukrainian flag.

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