Putin attacks sanctions and threatens companies leaving Russia: “We will solve our problems”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called the sanctions “illegitimate”, which in his opinion the West would have triggered “regardless” of the situation in Ukraine, and said that “tough actions” will be taken against companies leaving Moscow

The Russian president Vladimir Putin – speaking again during the fifteenth day of the invasion of Ukraine by the troops of Moscow – he defined the sanctions decided by the West as “illegitimate”, saying that “they will create some problems and some difficulties” which however “will be resolved”, and that “it is necessary to act decisively” towards foreign companies that “are interrupting their operations” in the country.

Speaking to his government, Putin said that Russia will come out stronger from the current situation, he went back to explaining that – in his opinion – there were no solutions to the start of the “special operation” in Ukraine (the way the war unleashed against Kiev is called in Russia): «Assistance to the population of Donbass was a duty of Russia, we had no other choice». Putin said that “these sanctions against us would be passed in any case” regardless of what was decided on Ukraine. “Now there are some problems, some difficulties. But as in the past, we will overcome them“.

«We will find a solution», Putin said, «together with our partners who do not recognize the sanctions. We will not isolate ourselves from anyone. We are open to working with all our foreign partners who want to do so ».

On the rise in the prices of petroleum products in the United States, Putin said that “it is not linked to the ban on oil imports from the Russian Federation: they are deceiving their population”. Prices in the West “are rising, but not our fault. This is the result of their own miscalculations. They have nothing to blame us for. ‘

Sanctions on Russia could provoke a further increase in food prices worldwide. «Russia and Belarus – underlined the Kremlin leader – are among the largest suppliers of mineral fertilizers in world markets. If they continue to cause problems with financing, insurance, logistics, delivery of our products, then the prices, which are already exorbitant, will rise again“.

Finance Minister Anton Siluanov also spoke at the same meeting, explaining how Russia has taken measures to “limit the outflow of capital” and said that the country “will repay its external debts in rubles. “. “During the past two weeks the West has been practically unleashed an economic and financial war against us “, accusing him of “failing to fulfill his obligations towards Russia by freezing gold and foreign exchange reserves.” In this situation “it is essential for us – said Siluanov – to stabilize the situation of the financial system”.

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