Putin puts two heads of the secret services under arrest

Of Fabrizio Dragosei

They would have provided incorrect information that would now be the basis of the bogging of the Russian advance: they are both “very loyal” of the president

They had to give to the president all the necessary information so that he could carefully assess the situation inside Ukraine and decide what to do. Instead, the head of the foreign intelligence service of the FSB and his deputy gave false information and stole the money destined to enlist agents, put together pieces of intelligence and organize subversive operations. And now they would both be under house arrestaccording to a quoted expert on Russian military matters, Andrei Soldatov, taken from the information site meduza.io.

Ukraine-Russia: the latest news on the war

Vladimir Putin would be furious because the wrong picture of the Ukrainian reality is at the basis of the current bogging down of the invasion army. According to various sources, the expectations at the start of the “Special Military Operation” were quite different. In a few hours the invaded country should have collapsed and the Ukrainian military should hardly have reacted to the “friendly” mission of their Russian colleagues. Sergej Beseda is the head of the fifth service of the FSB, main successor of the KGB. It would be the Department of Operational Information (Doi) created by Putin himself when he was head of the FSB in the 1990s. Foreign espionage was already the prerogative of the SVR (former first directorate of the KGB) and of the GRU, a military espionage service. But Vladimir Vladimirovich he wanted to have his “eyes” direct especially for intelligence operations in the former Soviet republics which became independent from the end of 1991.

After the so-called color revolutions of the beginning of this century (that of roses in Georgia, then orange in Ukraine, and tulips in Kyrgyzstan) Putin would have started to trust only the men of the FSB. At the beginning of the invasion, on February 24, Beseda and his deputy Anatolij Bolyukh would have had the task, according to reports that were however flatly denied by the Kremlin, of send a special team to assassinate President Zelensky. Beseda allegedly had recourse to a few hundred Chechen guerrillas, very loyal to President Kadyrov. The Chechens, however, would have been all eliminated by the Ukrainian counterintelligence. This failure, together with the erroneous reports on the Ukrainian internal situation, would have convinced Putin to get rid of Beseda and Bolyukh.

The whole story also seems to indicate the existence of internal clashes in the intelligence organs and among the various services of the FSB. The Ukrainians revealed they had information on the Chechens from a deep throat within the FSB. If true, it certainly was someone who wanted to take Beseda out, until recently in the good graces of Putin. Voices from within the bodies reject many of the allegations and say the analysts had been kept in the dark about invasion plans and therefore could not provide a useful picture of the situation. According to some news that appeared on the web, it would seem that many agents would not have great faith in the future. A search on homes for sale in the Crimea would reveal that in the last few days many apartments owned by service men and public officials would be statthe put on the market.

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