Putin would be ill: he would have fits of anger caused by cancer treatments

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According to unconfirmed intelligence sources, numerous Western reports have come to this conclusion by superimposing on the behavior, the swelling of the neck and head and the considerable distancing imposed on foreign leaders.

Vladimir Putin allegedly ill: suffering from brain disorders caused by dementia, suffering from Parkinson’s disease, or he would have bouts of anger provoked by steroid treatments to cure cancer. To return to the alleged health problems of the Russian president the Daily Mailnot always reliable but very informed newspaper that cites Western intelligence sources close to the Kremlin: Senior officials of the Five Eyes, the five eyes of the intelligence alliance which includes Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. As told on the Courier service by the writer Sandro Modeo, behind the tsar’s behavior there could also be delicate explanations of a physical and medical nature.

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Numerous Western reports would have come to this conclusion superimposing on the behavior of the Russian president, 69, the evident swelling of the neck and head appeared in the most recent videos and the considerable physical distancing imposed during visits by foreign leaders to the Kremlin. In the last five years there has been a marked change in his decision-making process, with those close to him also noticing less clarity in speaking and understanding the world around him, explained a source to the Daily Mailconfirming that the lack of understanding would also be due to the absence of conflicting opinions in his inner circle, which it would prevent him from understanding the failure of the Ukrainian invasion. He is simply not informed, he continues.

The history of the Daily Mail it is probably based on a single source, weak and difficult to confirm, but reinforces the suspicions that have emerged in recent months: Putin’s choices would be influenced by Parkinson’s, by a more generic form of dementia, or by the prolonged use of steroids to treat cancer, which would have altered its balance. The latter theory would also be considered credible by British intelligence. The great distance maintained in recent weeks’ meetings with foreign leaders – held at six meters, as in the case of French President Emmanuel Macron – it would also confirm the existence of previous diseaseswhich would increase the risk of death if he contracts Covid, or the use of drugs that inhibit the immune system, making infections easier.

Right after meeting Macron, a French official confirmed that Putin did not look the same as two years earlier, that it was out of control. The British – but also the Americans – also believe that they have a great visibility of what is happening in the rooms of the Kremlin: this also explains the unusual decision to make public all intelligence information, which should normally remain secret. to anticipate – and perhaps avert – Moscow’s moves. Our extraordinary visibility: Compared to Xi Jinping and China, we have exceptional quality, al Daily Mail a London source.

Even a superficial observer cannot fail be struck by the somatic-physiognomic metamorphosis that Putin’s face has undergone over the years: from the comparison between a photo of youth or maturity and some recent photos such as the one on UnHerdin which the threatening and absent gaze adheres to the features, starting from the cheeks hyper-vascularized by botox, wrote Modeo last week in his long article on Courier servicein which he also addressed the hypotheses about the possible health problems of the Russian leader. The first concerns the backhe explained, that is, possible spinal problems due to previous sports injuries, as once mentioned by the Belarusian vassal Lukashenko, or even a neoplasm of the spinal cord, whose symptomatology would be compatible with some walking difficulties and certain postural restlessness of Putin.

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