Putin’s “purges”: General Roman Gavrilov fired for “leaking military information”

Of Fabrizio Dragosei

Three independent sources report the news of the torpedoing of the deputy commander of Rosgvardia and former security officer of the Russian heads of state

First it was the turn of the secret services

guilty of not having given the right news on what the Russian army would have faced in Ukraine. Then to the National Guard, Rosgvardiawho would have suffered excessive losses and would not have performed his duties as surveillance on the locations occupied during what is called “Special Military Operation” in Russia. Of course, only denials came from above. But in such a way as to make one believe completely likely the news spread by opposition sites positioned abroad.

After the one about two FSB agents, the KGB’s main successor, news of the torpedoing Of Roman Gavrilov, deputy commander of Rosgvardia and former security officer of the Russian heads of state. The chairman of the Duma communications commission, Alexander Khinshtein, who is also deputy secretary of the Putinian party, intervened immediately. United Russia. “Absolute fake,” he thundered. Then specifying that Gavrilov, with whom he said he had spoken, is resignedhe says because he had reached the minimum of 20 years of service after which he can retire.

The latest news on the war in Ukraine

Explanation that seems more like one confirmation of the torpedoing: let alone if in the midst of a war, indeed, one “Special operation” with thousands of his men engaged across the border, a general plans to leave. The news had been given by Christo Grozev of the international investigative site Bellingcat to which it would be confirmed by three independent sources: «He was stopped by the FSB either for leaking military information or for fuel theft». Already on 11 March the ax fell on the head of two super spies who seem to be under house arrest, according to a quoted expert on Russian military affairs, Andrei Soldatov, taken from the news site meduza.io.

Vladimir Putin would have been furious because the wrong picture of the Ukrainian reality was the basis of thebogging down of the invasion army. According to various sources, the expectations at the start of the “Special Military Operation” were quite different. In a few hours the Invaded country should have to collapse and the Ukrainian military should hardly have reacted to the“Friendly” mission of Russian colleagues. Sergej Beseda is the head of the fifth service of the FSB, the main successor of the KGB. Anatolij Bolyukh is or was his deputy. It would be the Department of Operational Information (Doi) created by Putin himself when he was head of the FSB in the 1990s.

The foreign espionage it was already the prerogative of the SVR (former first directorate of the KGB) and of the GRU, the military intelligence service. But Vladimir Vladimirovich he wanted to have his “eyes” directed above all for intelligence operations in the former Soviet republics become independent starting from the end of 1991. After the so-called color revolutions of the beginning of this century (that of roses in Georgia, then orange in Ukraine, and tulips in Kyrgyzstan) Putin would started to trust only of the men of the FSB.

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