Ramzan Kadyrov “is in Ukraine”: “Give up, or we will finish you”

Of Guido Olimpio

The bloodthirsty Chechen leader has posted a video in which he claims to be in Ukraine, near Kiev: his militias have been linked to alleged clandestine plans to kill Zelensky, and they have decks of cards depicting the wanted.

Ramzan Kadyrov he is at ease among the dead and is even more so at the side of Vladimir Putin
. He would do anything for the neo-czar: here then the Chechen dictator has popped up Ukraine. A story where there is no confirmation while the Kremlin has limited itself to stating that it has no information about it. All can be.

The leader appeared in a video on the Telegram channel as a leader. So in camouflage, ready to discuss the next moves with the commanders of the units deployed in the Gostomel area, north of Kiev

“The other day we were about 20 kilometers from you Nazis, now we are even closer,” he said urging the enemies to surrender or “We will finish you”.

Behind a flag with the face of Ramzan’s father, Ahmad, who died in an attack in 2004 and around which a cult of personality has been created.

The sortie has one double role, operational and propaganda.

The first is linked to the pressure of the Russian forces in the direction of the capital, an advance hampered by the resistance. The second is to give followers a boost after the losses suffered in the past few weeks.

Kadyrov, in this crisis, has followed an ascending parable. At the beginning of the special operation, he attended a rally in the square with dozens of militiamen, the “kadyrovtsky”, a show to accompany the news of the sending of 10,000 men to the side of the army. Then images of a column of Chechen soldiers came out, always confirming a direct commitment. Not without surprises.

A department had dozens of deaths following the TB2 drone raid (Turkish production) and the attack of local special forces. Reverse denied across the board by the pro-Russian regime.

Kadyrov himself has also declared that he is ready, if necessary, to mobilize 70,000 elements.

Chechens have also been linked to alleged clandestine plans to assassinate Ukrainian President Zelesnky and capture other executives.

It was also said that Kadyrov’s teams had decks of cards depicting the most wanted, an imitation of what the Americans did when they hunted down Saddam’s hierarchs. Maybe this is just a “rumor”, a legend that accompanies a bloodthirsty characterbut that does not change the substance: when Moscow calls the despot it responds.

It has already done so in Syria where the Chechen military police patrols have been employed in the control of conquered areas.

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