Reporter killed in Irpin: so reporters are considered enemies and become targets of snipers

Brent Renaud, American journalist, was killed by Russian soldiers in Irpin, Like him, many other professionals risk their lives to document the conflict


IRPIN – Only a few days ago Vladimir Putin declared that journalists are allies of Russia’s enemies in Ukraine and are part of President Zelensky’s propaganda. This responds to the military logic imposed by the invading country e the elimination of professionals is legitimate
informationespecially those from countries that are part of NATO: they are enemies.

Of course, we do not know if the sniper who shot our colleagues
Brent Renaud and Juan Arredondo killing the first and wounding the second, after they had crossed the Irpin Bridge, knew he had journalists from NATO countries in front of him. In many of the many conflicts in recent years, reporters have been injured and killed. Let’s not forget the many deaths during the war in Iraq, already in the first weeks. But this conflict in Ukraine is particularly dangerous due to the continuous and constant confusion between military forces (Ukrainian and Russian), paramilitary elements and armed civilians.

We have gone to Irpin several times in the last few days, we crossed the famous bridge documented in videos and images. And and the Ukrainian military warned us on the danger of Russian snipers firing on the forces of Kiev and also on civilians. The shots are accompanied by rocket and mortar launches which, as we have seen, also hit women and children: a few days ago a family was exterminated while trying to get out of the city. There is no journalist who does not go to these places aware of the risks. Risks that increase as the conflict worsens.

However, the Ukrainian population remains grateful to the press because they perceive its presence as a fundamental witness to tell their tragedy to the rest of the world.

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