A lot of credit goes to the writers, it is their dedication and long hours of hard labor that yields all these amazing articles that you read on our platform. 

Lisa Copper – Founder

In the summer break of her sophomore year at college, Lisa Copper became deeply interested in the tech world which she had discovered recently. She started browsing everywhere about it to learn more and more but soon realized how good content was not to be found in abundance on the internet. 

A few years later after a lot more education and work experience, she came back to the problem that her younger self had faced and set up her own company to address this very issue.

ScientiaWeb became an innovative website that everyone loved and had been waiting for but none before Lisa actually dreamt of building. She became a well-known entrepreneur at the young age of only 27 years.  

Her vision was recognized and awarded at multiple events and by multiple organizations: The EasyTech Magazine, The Young Entrepreneur Awards, The Global Internet Magazine, and so on. 

Jack Miller – Writer

Working in the biggest Silicon Valley company was a no small feat that Jack Miller achieved at the young age of only 25 years. He has more than six years of experience in the writing field now. 

There are many options open to a fresh graduate out of Cambridge University, but surprisingly Jack always chose to work in the startups which were still growing. This was probably because of his earlier experience of working with giant multinationals. His writing, he felt needed more space to breathe and experiment than what these multinationals could offer.

He got a massive creative window when he hit the jackpot with ScientiaWeb, though it can be equally said that even the company hit a jackpot with a writer as good as Jack joining in. 

His strategies and methodologies no matter how weird they seemed at the start, have all paid off quite handsomely for the company. The standards of writing have gone up by leaps and bounds. His whole team of young writers finds it quite exciting and an enriching experience to work with someone as unusual as Jack.

Reading often writes about how articles from ScientiaWeb have a personal touch while being extremely rich in what they are talking about, the credit for this should go to none other than Jack, it has been his philosophy which he continues to inculcate in even in the young writers on his team.