The pregnant woman photographed in Mariupol after the bombing died, along with her baby

The news of the death of the woman, who was photographed immediately after the bombing of the Mariupol hospital, was given by the Associated Press

There woman pregnant who was photographed in Mariupol after the bombing of the hospital by the Russian army she died, along with her child.

The news was given – on the morning of Monday 14 March, 5 days after the bombing – by the agency Associated Press.

The same agency had released the images of the woman as she was being evacuated from the destroyed hospital, lying on a stretcher.

That photo – taken, like many others from the same place, by Evgeniy Maloletka – was published by dozens of newspapers and sites around the world, and one of the symbolic images of the brutality of the ongoing conflict.

The woman had appeared – from the first minutes after the attack – in very serious condition. In some images she could be seen as she clutched her belly with her hands in an attempt to protect her child. After the bombing she was rushed to another hospital, where to the doctors who were trying to save her – after realizing they had lost her baby – she said: Kill me now!

Timur Marin, the surgeon who operated on her, said he found her with a very heavy fracture in her pelvis and a wound in her hip. After the cesarean section, the baby showed no signs of life, the doctor said.

The doctors then tried, for 30 minutes, to save the woman, but to no avail: They both died.

The woman’s name is not known: in the chaos following the bombing – wrote the AP – the doctors were unable to transcribe it before the woman’s husband and father came to take the body, hers and the child.

At least someone came to get them the doctors said, preventing them from ending up in the mass graves that were dug in Mariupol.

Russia – accused of having committed a war crime by bombing a hospital where there were women and children – claimed that there were soldiers in the hospital. In some tweets (later removed from Twitter for violation of social network policies) the Russian embassies of various countries (including Great Britain and Italy) claimed that the bombing was a hoax, and that one of the women photographed was a blogger she was trick was put on to simulate the injuries. (The woman was indeed a blogger, but she was indeed pregnant, was slightly injured, she gave birth in Mariupol, and is fine). Even the Russian ambassador to the United Nations defined the images as fake news, despite the news, images and videos released by the PA and the Ukrainian authorities.

Mariupol in desperate conditions: lack of food, water, electricity and heating. According to local authorities, at least 2,187 people have died since the beginning of the Russian invasion. The worst-case scenario, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said awaits the hundreds of thousands of civilians trapped by heavy fighting in Mariupol, unless the parties urgently reach a concrete humanitarian agreement.

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