The Queen is not going to the Commonwealth ceremony on Monday

Of Enrica Roddolo

This was announced by a press release from the building. It would have been the first major official event, after Covid. Not for a worsening of health but for evaluations on logistics and its fragility

Reluctantly, the Queen gave up the ceremony for Commonwealth Day. So there will be no Monday 14 March at Westminster Abbey. And to replace her will be her son, the heir to the throne Charles, now a regent in pectore. Along with all the Windsor front-line Royals.

The announcement of the queen’s forfeit comes two days before the expected appointment on Monday which should have offered the opportunity to review the sovereign at a major event, after the Covid contract in February. And it would also have been the first big appointment with the public for the sovereign since the forced break last autumn when she too was forced to give up on the Cop26 in Glasgow.

But to motivate the forfeit would not be an aggravation of healthrather an opportunity assessment of the fatigue of the transshipment from Windsor to London for a traditionally long and tiring ceremony. Also in light of the new motor difficulties of the sovereign, 96 years old on 21 April.

Elizabeth who this year celebrates the Platinum Jubilee of her reign (climax of the celebrations from 2 to 5 June) evidently he wants to be in shape for the other important moment in his Agenda at the end of March: the mass in memory of his beloved spouse.

In fact, a commemorative ceremony to remember Prince Philip was strongly desired by the sovereign passed away a year ago in April. Mass to be held at Westminster Abbey on 29 March.

The queen will continue with her other work commitments scheduled for next week, including face-to-face audiences.

And, after all, only a few days ago she was back in attendance to meet Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at Windsor Castle. The meeting during which Elizabeth and the premier talked about the future of the Commonwealth, and also about the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. And the Queen had shown her solidarity with the Ukrainian people with the blue and yellow flowers on the table in her study in Windsor.

For the second time in a few months that the sovereign renounces one of the main events in the annual calendar of official commitments, for the Windsors: last November he had given up on the morning of the ceremony of the fallen. Also replaced on that occasion by his son Carlo.

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