The Queen rewards in attendance and receives the Governor of Canada. Mass on the agenda for Filippo-

He gave up on the long and too tiring Commonwealth ceremony at Westminster Abbey on Monday, sending on his son Charles (after all already listed as the future head of the Commonwealth by the 54 countries). But yesterday and today Elizabeth – to confirm that promise to the “service” of the country also reaffirmed in the 2022 message for Commonwealth Day – held two meetings in her presence. On Tuesday she received Canada’s new Governor General Mary Simon with her husband Whit Fraser for a Royal tea in the Oak room in Windsor. And today it welcomed the poet Grace Nichols who moved from Guyana to the United Kingdom and with a past as a journalist and teacher, to deliver her the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry 2021, a tradition started by her grandfather George V (the sovereign who changed the name of the family in Windsor in 1917), in 1933. Smiling, thin but always perfect, the sovereign recovered from Covid 19 contracted in February and prepares for March 29th. At the end of the month, a solemn mass will be organized for her at Westminster Abbey in honor of her consort Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who died a year ago, in April, and to whom she bade farewell in lockdown. (Text: Enrica Roddolo)

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