The Russian convoy near Kiev dispersed: “A bad signal”

Of Lorenzo Cremonesi, sent to Kiev, and Davide Casati

The convoy of tens of kilometers that remained stationary for days on the road to Kiev repositioned itself in the forests: according to analysts, the artillery pieces are raised in firing position

For days, the convoy remained motionless along the road. Kilometers and kilometers occupied by Russian military vehicles: a column looming as a threat over the Ukrainian capital.

Today, new satellite photos appear to show that that Russian army convoy has largely dispersed, spreading into the forests and towns near Kiev and forming new clusters in the northwest of the city.

According to military experts from the Associated Pressthis is a very bad sign: the convoy – confirmed Great Britain – is positioning itself for an attack that could be launched in the next few days. Some armored units were seen in cities near Antonov airport north of the city, and other vehicles moved into the forests with howitzers towed nearby in position to open fire.

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In short, the tracked vehicles are being repositioned with self-propelled artillery and mortars: this means that the Russian plan is proceeding, slowly but surely – Kharkiv surrounded, Dnipro under attack, we are moving towards the West.

The bombing of Kiev becomes more and more real, more and more possible: Putin will have no mercy for this city.

The Russian column massed out of town early last week, but its advance seemed to have stalled as news of food and fuel shortages spread.

According to the London Ministry of Defense, Russian ground forces continue to advance slowly due to persistent logistical problems and stiff Ukrainian resistance.

The Americans speak of 2 weeks to complete encirclement and over six to take the city.

US officials said Ukrainian troops also targeted the convoy with anti-tank missiles.

Yesterday, American sources confirmed the progressive encirclement of the capital: the Moscow army advanced about 5 kilometers in the last 24 hours, and some elements are now 15 kilometers from the city.

Add to this the very worrying speeches on chemical weapons: Moscow accuses Kiev of having built them and of having helped the support of the West; the United States which claims that these accusations do not serve other than to prepare the ground for Russian attacks with this type of weaponry, as happened in Syria – precisely with the blessing of Moscow.

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