The Russian “Z” and the ribbon of St. George: the symbols that appeared during Putin’s speech

The hosts of the live show the “Z” on the chest in orange and black. Support for the reunification of Crimea was thus expressed in 2014

Over 200 thousand people – according to the press office of the Moscow Police – gathered at the Luzhniki stadium, in Moscow, for the celebrations of the eighth anniversary of the reunification of Crimea with Russia. The event, which was broadcast live on television, was titled, not coincidentally, «Za mir bez nazism! Za Rossiyu! Za Prezidenta! »,« For a world without Nazism! For Russia! For the president! ”

The Latin letter “Z”, which does not exist in Cyrillic, has appeared on the flags in the public, after having in recent weeks become the symbol of support for the war in the name of “denazification”. The conductors of the direct had pinned the “Z” also on the chestwith the colors of the traditional St. George’s ribbon (orange and black), which in 2014 was in turn a symbol of support for what Russia called the “return” of Crimea. The ribbon has origins that are lost in time and recalls the highest military honor of Tsarist Russia – the “St. George’s cross” – granted to soldiers who became protagonists of particular acts of heroism.

The live broadcast of Putin’s speech from the stadium suddenly stopped. While the President was in the middle of a sentence, Rossiya 24 re-launched images of artists who had performed on stage before the arrival of the Russian president. The spokesman for the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov he later explained that the outage was caused by “a technical failure of a server”. Putin finished the speech – Rossiya 24 then delayed the missing ending – with the words of Fyodor Ushakov, admiral of the Tsarist era, sanctified and then became, again on the initiative of the Orthodox Church, protector of the Russian strategic bombers fleet. The start of the operation in Ukraine, Putin said, coincided with the birthday of Ushakov, who never lost a battle. “Storms lead to the glory of Russia. So it was then! So it is today! And so it will always be! », He concluded.

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