“The Russians will use phosphorus weapons”: and Congress wants Biden to do more about the war

Of Giuseppe Sarcina

A $ 14 billion mega loan is being approved. Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar: We also send fighter jets. The fear of chemical and biological weapons. Biden warns Moscow: heavy consequences

WASHINGTON – The United States returns to give visibility to their diplomatic maneuvers, after a few days of prudent waiting. Today, Monday 14 March, the National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivanwill see the plenipotentiary of Chinese foreign policy in Rome, Yang Jiechi. In parallel, the White House will follow the developments of the talks between Ukrainians and Russians which, according to a tweet by Mykhailo Podoloyakadvisor to Volodymyr Zelensky they could always resume today “with a series of online meetings at various levels.” Until now Joe Biden adopted a strategy reminiscent of the doctrine of Barack Obama elaborated at the time of the intervention against Gaddafi Libya (2011): «Leading from behind», that is, leading from the rear, orienting the western line without exposing oneself directly on the field. The American president continues to exclude the sending of US troops to Ukraine. But the scenario is always dangerously poised between a possible, fragile truce and an even worse catastrophe. In recent days, US intelligence has been spreading thrilling information: the Russians could use chemical or biological weapons.

Ukraine-Russia, the latest news on the war

The first accusations come from the camp: a police officer from the Lugansk province accused the enemy of using phosphorus bombs. Joe Biden first (Friday 11 March) and Sullivan later (Sunday 13) warned Moscow: if you cross this “traumatic line” you will pay a “heavy price”. In addition to the words, the leader of the White House, on Saturday 12 March, announced the allocation of another 200 million dollars in arms for Ukraine. And it’s hard to keep track of things now, too, considering Congress will approve nearly $ 14 billion in mega-funding this week, half for armaments, half for humanitarian relief. Yet in the US, among politicians and in public opinion, the feeling is growing that all this is not enough. It is a sentiment that is widespread in the conservative world, but one that is also beginning to grow among progressives. We can describe it with two concrete examples. The Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar, already a candidate in the 2020 primary, she has just returned from a mission to Poland with three other parliamentarians. She is convinced that the time has come to send fighter jets to the Ukrainians. For Klobuchar “they don’t necessarily have to be Polish Mig-29s.”

The key thing is that Zelensky is put in a position to truly defend his country. On Wall Street Journal on Sunday 13 March, however, Ludovic Hood, advisor to the republican vice president Mike Pence, from 2019 to 2021, proposes to deploy “NATO troops in the western part of Ukraine”. Putin, Hood writes, «recognizes only the meaning of force; the sanctions alone will not stop him ». It is interesting to note that the two proposals rest on the same premise: the fear of escalation is “a false problem”; Putin, as the American and European secret services agree, is “already in full escalation”. The problem now, the Democrat Klobuchar and the Republican Hood argue, is to take away the initiative on the ground, to prevent him from “setting the war agenda.”

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