The super yacht in Marina di Carrara would belong to Putin, according to the United States: “There are the first clues”

According to various intelligence exponents, the Scheherazade, a 700 million dollar yacht moored in Marina di Carrara since September, could be owned by the Russian president

There is still no certainty. But the US intelligence agencies have found “the first clues” that would lead to say that yes, the super yacht Scheherazade anchored in the port of Marina di Carrara can be traced back to Vladimir Putin.

The information – reported by the New York Times – comes after the same newspaper had given the news of the investigation by the Italian authorities on the property of the luxurious yacht, 140 meters longwith a tonnage of 10,167 tons and a value of at least 700 million dollars. In a note following those first news, The Italian Sea Group – a luxury yachting company based in Tuscany – had instead denied that the yacht belonged to the Russian presidentand had explained that he still had to “collect 6 million euros relating to the balance for ship delivery, expected in the first months of 2023” and that “the contracting party is not among those affected by international sanctions”.

At the moment, therefore, the ownership of the yacht – which the crew would call “Putin’s ship “ – remains mysterious: neither the company that takes care of the maintenance nor the financial police have so far communicated who his master is and not even his nationality.

The Scheherazade – a name that refers to the protagonist of the Thousand and One Nightsbut also to a symphonic suite composed in 1888 by the Russian composer Rimsky-Korsakov – currently on site for maintenance activitiesand would have head-of-state equipment: a helicopter landing pad and a system to intercept drones.

US intelligence did not share with the New York Times what are the clues that in their opinion connect the yacht to the Russian president, or if or how often he has used it. It is possible that Putin could have control of the yacht through complex corporate schemes.

Putin spent a lot of time in Sochi on the Black Sea during the pandemic. The Scheherazade was in Sochi in the summers of 2020 and 2021.

The Italian authorities have already collected documents on the ownership of the boatshould present them to the government which will then have to figure out whether to proceed with the kidnapping or not, based on the sanctions enacted in recent days.

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