Today Zelensky at the Knesset: video connection with Bennett and the Israeli deputies, big screen in the square in Tel Aviv

The speech at sunset. The Ukrainian leader has already declared that Israel is the only democracy capable of negotiating. The role of mediator of the premier

Zubin Mehta remembers a concert in Tel Aviv during one of the cyclical – as the generals call them in Hebrew, sevev, round, another round of violence – clashes with Hamas in Gaza. The alarm sirens above the notes, warn of a rocket launch, the conductor and the orchestras must stop, take shelter in the shelter. When we got back, people had never left. We started over. Since its foundation – older than the State of Israel as the city that hosts it – the Philharmonic never stopped because of a war, only the virus managed to silence it: in 1991 under the threat of Saddam Hussein’s missiles the instrumentalists kept a gas mask near the chairs. Telavives fill the orchestra square every day, as everyone calls it, to sit on the steps carved into the marblethey come with the children, friends meet us, together they listen to the symphonies that small speakers make rise from the stones 24 hours a day.

Today at sunset the music is turned off to listen to the words of Volodymyr Zelensky. Mayor Ron Huldai assured the Ukrainian president under siege that plenum that the political bureaucracy failed to guarantee to him. Knesset: parliament on break, main hall currently a construction site, all deputies can follow it via the Internet (with the microphone muted to avoid interruptions), a small commission room was made available in the palace in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett will connect from his office. From the beginning, the Ukrainian leader had asked through the ambassador to address the Israeli public.

Tried to get an auditorium in Yad Vashem, executives at the Holocaust memorial declined the idea, they feared that the event would become too political, that Zelensky would compare the Russian invasion of his country with the Shoah. Cos the Knesset in minor and above all the square of Tel Aviv.

Bennett continues to hold a mediator role. He spoke several times on the phone with the two presidents, flew to Moscow for a three-hour meeting with Vladimir Putin. Zelensky declared that Israel the only democracy capable of negotiating, proposed that talks for a possible ceasefire take place in Jerusalem. He would have liked more – at least this is what the ambassador reveals – from the country where he recognizes his roots and where Ukrainians immigrated by the thousands after the fall of the Soviet Union, in total there are one million two hundred thousand Israelis from the former republics. .

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