Ukraine, bombs on Dnipro and in the West: Moscow opens the fourth front

Of Andrea Nicastro

A new phase of the war: the Kremlin can hit half of the country out of the fighting so far. In the south, the mayor of Melitopol arrested by the Russians

DNIPRO – A fourth front may have opened up in the escalation of the Russian offensive. After Kiev in the north, Kharkiv in the east, the entire Black Sea coast in the south, here is the start of the air campaign over the center and west of the country. Yesterday’s first wave hit Lutsk airport, an area left secret by the Ukrainian authorities in Ivano-Frankivsk and an industrial district in Dnipro
. Four victims.

The Dnipro workshops

The three missiles addressed with their satellite guidance system towards Dnipro they hit an industrial area that has been active since the time of Catherine the Great. In the metalworking workshops area which, not surprisingly, can be reached by subway getting off at the Metallurjia stop. City authorities explained that a shoe factory was destroyed and a clearly empty asylum was gutted.

With respect to the point of impact, the first civilian homes are over 500 meters away and all their windows have been smashed. Ms. Yelena tells al Courier service that she woke up with the bed covered in shards of glass. Frost drifted in through the windowless windows. Ten degrees below zero. It was the first time, for her and her children, in war. What if they bomb again? They got dressed to go to the subway station which has special 40cm thick steel doors. Glass, shards and splinters of wood and aluminum everywhere. They had not yet left home that the second and third missiles fell on the same factories. A noise that I still hear stop my heart still says on the metro platform.

It seems impossible for the Russian army to widen the land offensive before having eliminated the pockets of resistance of the large cities already surrounded. He doesn’t have enough armored divisions on the field. However, Moscow can make the life miserable of even half of Ukraine so far away from the fighting. In addition to hitting airports to make sure that any jets donated by the West cannot have runways in the country, Moscow could hit factories that support the war effort, the infrastructure that serves civilians or bomb civilians directly. One way to put pressure on the Zelensky government and get to the negotiating table in an advantageous position.

The southern front

The siege of Mariupol follows the same logic. To take it not decisive, to make it suffer perhaps s. Two days after the bombing of the Maternit and Pediatrics Hospital, the mayor confirmed his estimate of the victims: six deaths per hour. After 12 days of siege and bombing more and more in the center, the dead would be 1582. Each occupant – according to his Telegram channel – will burn in hell. We will never forget and never forgive this crime against humanity. In the city also one good news. The girl in the polka dot pajamas portrayed in the rubble of the hospital, Marianna Podgurskaya, gave birth to her baby girl. The Russians accused her of being an actress and faking her pregnancy.

On the opposite side of the coast, Odessa feels the circle tighten. On the road from Mariupol to Dnipro, in the part occupied by the Russians, the mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, was arrested by the Russians with a bag over his head. In the north of Kiev (according to former prime minister Goncharuk) a man preferred to commit suicide rather than act as a puppet mayor of the occupied city.

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