Ukraine Russia, news on today’s war. Israeli media: “Ok Russia to negotiations in Jerusalem”

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The latest news of Sunday 13 March. The war in Ukraine on the 18th day: Russians 25 kilometers from Kiev. New Macron-Putin-Scholz phone call

• We are on the eighteenth day of the war. While Kiev is surrounded by siege and Russian bombs fall on many cities, the offensive is also advancing on the ground: the forces of Moscow have occupied the peripheral areas of Mariupol. The Russian army announces the capture of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.
• Concerns about the increase in the price of gasoline are growing in Italy

• Videoconference talks between Moscow and Kiev continue. Ukrainian President Zelensky noted a fundamentally different approach on the part of the Kremlin. A signal from Russia, he called it the day after the progress in the talks evoked on Friday by Vladimir Putin. A glimmer not considered such, however, by Olaf Scholz and Emmanuel Macron.

About 20 thousand people attended the Cities stand with Ukraine event on Saturday in Piazza Santa Croce in Florence. In the video intervention, the Ukrainian president asked to remember the 79 children killed by the war.
• Meanwhile, the influx of refugees into our country continues, now reaching 35 thousand according to the data released on Saturday by the Interior Ministry.

00.06 – Israeli media: Russia ok to negotiations in Jerusalem
Russia ready to carry out new negotiations with Ukraine in Jerusalem: reported on Jerusalem Post citing a high-level diplomatic source.

00.04 – The Russians killed 7 fleeing civilians, there was a child
Russian troops shot a group of displaced women and children leaving a village near Kiev, killing seven people, one of whom was a child, Ukrainian military intelligence service announced, saying it happened yesterday. During an evacuation attempt from the village of Peremoga, along a “green” corridor agreed with the Russians, the occupants opened fire on a column of civilians, made up exclusively of women and children. The result of this brutal act was seven deaths. One of them is a child, Ukrainian Defense reported on Facebook.

00.02 am – Paulo Coelho denounces a climate of russophobia
The Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho today condemned what he called the climate of russophobia unleashed in the world by the invasion of Ukraine. The Ukrainian crisis is a convenient excuse for russophobia, wrote the author of the Alchemist. I have been to Lviv, Kiev, Odessa, Yalta, Chernobyl (Ukraine), traveled 10,000 kilometers by train, from Moscow to Vladivostok (Russia). S – adds Coelho – there is a war, but don’t blame the common people.

00:00 – Melitopol has replaced the kidnapped and tortured mayor

Melitopol, occupied by Russian forces, has a new mayor: her name is Galina Danilshenko and she has already been a municipal councilor of this Ukrainian city. she was chosen to replace Ivan Fedorov, mayor who, according to the Ukrainian authorities, was captured by gunmen and accused of terrorism by the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic prosecutor’s office, recognized and supported by Russia. The Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, denounced Fedorov’s kidnapping, adding that he is being tortured into declaring his support for Russia. In his conversation with the Israeli prime minister, Naftali Bennett, Zelensky asked for help to free him.

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