Ukraine Russia, today’s news on the war | Mariupol rejects the ultimatum: “Surrender is not an option.” In the night still bombs in Kiev and sirens in various cities

Of Lorenzo Cremonesi, Andrea Nicastro, Marta Serafini

The minute-by-minute news on the war on Monday 21 March: today a telephone conversation between Biden, Draghi, Macron, Scholz, Johnson. Ammonia leaks at the Sumy plant

• The war on the 26th day and we are living decisive hours for Mariupol. Kiev rejected the Russians ultimatum for a ceasefire: Surrender is not an option. In the city, local authorities have reported hundreds of deported people, and reports of war rapes are multiplying.

• Diplomacy efforts continue. Today a telephone conversation between Biden, Draghi, Macron, Scholz, Johnson. Switzerland is proposing to host the negotiations
• Yesterday Moscow returned to using hypersonic missiles. There are 10 million displaced people in Ukraine.
• Zelensky spoke to Israel yesterday, asking them to send weapons to support their resistance and comparing the situation in Ukraine to the history of Israel, and the Russians to the Nazis. The comparison created a scandal in Israel.
• Why did Russia threaten Italy on Saturday? The answer could be in a blackmail dating back to the first phase of the Covid pandemic.


5.50 – Kiev, 4 dead after the bombs in the shopping center

The death toll from the Russian bombing that hit some houses and a shopping center in Kiev, in the Podil district, rose to at least four deaths.

5.19 – Switzerland wants to host the Kiev-Moscow talks

President Ignazio Cassis said he hopes the guns will be silent soon and that Switzerland is ready to mediate or host negotiations between Ukraine and Russia. Cassis will visit the border between Poland and Ukraine today.

4.30 – Ammonia leaks in the Sumy plant

Ammonia leaks in a chemical plant in Sumy, a city in eastern Ukraine besieged by Russian troops, have contaminated the area within a radius of 5 kilometers: according to Governor Dmytro Zhyvytskyy, the leak was reported at 4.30 local time in the Sumykhimprom plant . The governor said it was caused by a Russian air strike. The plant on the eastern outskirts of the city, with 263,000 inhabitants, was bombed by the Russians in recent weeks. Authorities have advised the citizens of Sumy to breathe with gauze bandages soaked in citric acid.

3.31 – Today a phone call between Biden-Draghi-Macron-Scholz-Johnson leaders

Joe Biden, US president, will have a telephone conversation today (at 11 am Italian time, 4 pm in Italy) with French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for discuss a coordinated response to Russia’s unjustified and unjustified attack on Ukraine, reports the White House.

03.23 Biden in Poland on Friday

Joe Biden will go to Poland on 25 March, having attended the NATO summit and the European Council on Ukraine the previous day in Brussels the previous day. The US president in Warsaw will have a bilateral meeting with Polish president Andrei Duda. President Biden will travel to Poland following his meetings in Brussels, Belgium, with our NATO allies, G7 leaders and European Union leaders this week. to discuss international efforts in support of Ukraine and impose unprecedented high costs on Russia for its invasion. Biden will discuss how the United States, along with our allies and partners, is responding to the humanitarian and human rights crisis created by Russia’s unwarranted and unprovoked war against Ukraine, the statement concludes.

01.33 – Bombs in Kiev, a shopping center on fire
The Ukrainian rescue services are putting out a fire that broke out in several floors and in the parking lot of the Retroville shopping center in Kiev, explains the state emergency service, due to the Russian bombing in the Podil district. Witnesses speak of several cars on fire

00.45 – Anti-aircraft sirens in different regions of Ukraine

Air-raid alarms are sounding in different regions of Ukraine: Ukrinform mentions the Khmelnytsky, Rivne, Volin, Ternopil and Lubni regions. Sirens also in Lviv: in the night the alarm sounded again in the main city of the Ukrainian west after a day spent in relative calm.

00.39 – New anti-aircraft alarm in Kiev

More anti-aircraft sirens in Kiev, after the attack a few hours ago that destroyed homes and a shopping center, causing at least one death.

00. 24 – Ukraine refuses to hand over Mariupol: Surrender is not an option
Kiev rejects the request to hand over Mariupol. Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk responded to Russia’s ultimatum by stating that surrender is not an option, explaining that Ukraine is instead asking for the opening of a safe passage with a humanitarian corridor. the reply to the Russian proposal for a ceasefire in Mariupol, interpreted as a request for surrender: the Russian defense ministry had asked the Ukrainian military formations of the port city to display white flags tomorrow to show that they are ready for a ceasefire temporary, during which the besieged were supposed to lay down their arms and abandon Mariupol. Vereshchuk explained to theUkrainska Pravda that the Russian Defense Ministry sent an 8-page letter with references to history and other nonsense. They sent the same letter to the UN, the International Committee of the Red Cross and hoped that international organizations would react and start putting pressure on Ukraine, but it didn’t happen. The ICRC and the United Nations understand that Russian manipulation and that the Russians are holding people hostage. We cannot speak of surrender. We have already informed the Russian side. I wrote to him: “instead of wasting time with 8 pages of letters, open a humanitarian corridor”, he concluded

00.00 – An area inhabited by civilians in Kiev bombed, one dead
New bombing in Kiev: one person died during an attack on the Podilskyi residential area. According to the information we have at the moment – said the mayor of the Ukrainian capital, Vitali Klitschko – several houses and one of the shopping centers have been hit. Loud explosions in Kiev, where the anti-aircraft sirens started to sound a few hours ago. According to local police, the village of Zabuianna, in the Bucha district of the Kiev region, was hit by an air raid and the death toll is still unclear.

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