Ukraine, Russians in occupied territories aim for puppet republics

Of Andrea Nicastro

In Kherson the provincial council unanimously rejected the request of the occupiers. Two mayors kidnapped: a woman who had organized protests for their release was taken away from Melitopol

DNIPRO – One of the goals of the Russian invasion of Ukraine from the very beginning was to create a pro-Russian puppet government in Kiev. In the militarily occupied territories, Russia is now trying to enforce that political control that he would have wanted for all of Ukraine. In Melitopol, Dniprorudne and Kherson lPutin’s army seeks to form pro-Moscow administrations. In Kherson the provincial junta was convened via zoom and the Russian commander asked to approve the calling of a referendum. On the card the establishment of the National Republic of Khersonessentially a replica of the two breakaway mini republics of Donetsk and Lugansk officially recognized by Moscow at the very beginning of this conflict. The 44-member provincial government rejected the Russian command’s request unanimously. Their response was that Kherson and will remain Ukraine.

Under the eye of the cameras

For the moment there does not seem to have been any retaliation against the provincial councilors. Those who are already paying dearly for opposition to the diktats of the occupying army are two mayors: that of Melitopol kidnapped on Friday under the eye of the fixed cameras placed on the town hall square and that of Dinoprudne kidnapped in the night between Saturday and Sunday. Dniprorudne a town not far from the Zaporizhye nuclear power plant, which has been under Russian control for days. Today from Melitopol some images arrived, taken with mobile phones, showing trucks and Russian jeeps with loudspeakers mounted on the roof walking at a walking pace through the streets to announce the new municipal provisions: every procession is prohibited, also forbidden to carry weapons and forbidden resume Russian military formations. At least this last order has already been rejected.

Manifestations and protests

The Ukrainian secret services assure that they are working, even in occupied territory, to identify the place where the two kidnapped mayors are being held prisoner. Saturday, more than 2,000 people got off in the square in Melitopol to ask for release of their first citizen .. The Russian soldiers at the end of the march went to the house of one of the organizers and took her away. The count of abductees thus increased to three. Those who oppose the new filoputinine course, man or woman, risk their lives. The message is increasingly clear and explicit for all the other administrators who want to oppose the occupants. Moscow does not intend to give up the victory and is willing to do anything, violate any rule, to get it.

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