Ukrainian journalist Victoria Roshchyna missing for six days: “Kidnapped by the Russians”

Ukrainian journalist Victoria Roshchyna has been missing for six days: according to Hromadske TV, she is “held captive” by the Russians

A Ukrainian journalist, Victoria Roshchyna, has been missing for six days in Berdiansk, 80 km from Mariupol. According to its broadcaster, the TV Hromadske, she is “held captive” by the Russian services of the FSB. The news was given by Hromadske herself on Twitter.

«Since the beginning of the war, our journalist has worked in hot areas in the south and east of Ukraine – is the text of the message on the social network -. From 12 March we are no longer able to contact her. On March 16, we learned that Victoria was captured by the Russian FSB. At the moment we don’t know where it is“. The issuer launched an appeal to the international community and to the Ukrainian government: “Help us find and release the Hromadske journalist Victoria Roshchyna.”

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