Ukrainian tractors against Russian tanks are the symbol of resistance

Dozens of videos circulate on social networks of Ukrainian peasants pulling war prey with their tractors: the vehicles abandoned by the Russian army

If there is a field in which Ukraine attacks and Vladimir Putin’s army defends itself that of propaganda: from the beginning of the conflict, social networks are flooded with videos and images of Russian vehicles destroyed and abandonedfrom the proclamations of the resistance which claims to have shot down hundreds of planes and killed over 12,000 men.

Moscow retorts, accuses Ukrainians and Americans to want to use biological weapons or to have hit the Russian-speaking populations of the Donbass with ballistic missiles: the powerful machine, but it remains (so far, at least) always one step behind.

And so the propaganda of the forces of Kiev is imposed: the Ukrainians claim (to date) of having destroyed 430 tanks and 1,375 armored vehiclestell of Russians who abandoned dozens of them along the road because they ran out of petrol or because they were sabotaged by disillusioned young recruits, and above all they made the farmers’ tractors a symbol of the tenacious Ukrainian resistance.

In granary of Russia and Europe – alone, writes ISPI, represented between 12% and 16% of world exports of wheat and maize – which takes on the yellow of its flag from the fields, the farmers and their tractors have become an example of civil commitment against the oppressorfilmed while pulling the war prey: the vehicles abandoned by Putin’s soldiers.

A Danish journalist on the ground, Stefan Weichart, collected in a thread on Twitter the best videos published on social networksstarting with that of a Ukrainian peasant who, amidst laughter, steals a tank from a Russian soldier who follows him on foot. Another video shows a tractor carrying a Tor-M2a mobile missile system with which the Russians bomb Ukrainian cities.

It is propaganda: the numbers are certainly different from those communicated by Kiev and the videos are very similar to each other, as if they were studied. Yet it sends a double message: on the one hand, it shows the Russians that the resistance does not give up; on the other hand, it keeps the morale of the fighters high by narrating the exploits of the legendary Ukrainian peasant and making fun of Putin’s troops.

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