United States: a new Floyd case, another man suffocated by police officers

The victim was called Edward Bronstein: in a video we see the immobilized man exactly like Floyd dying of suffocation. The episode dates back to 2020

Man repeats I cant ‘breathe (can’t breathe) e Let me breathe (let me breathe) for at least 12 times in 30 seconds and when he loses consciousness the cops keep sucking up the blood. Then the agents realize that there is no more heartbeatwho does not seem to breathe and only after more than 11 minutes from Bronstein’s last moans do they attempt heart massage in vain. The victim’s family sued a dozen policemen for excessive use of force and violation of civil rights, also disputing the autopsy, according to which the man died of acute methamphetamine intoxication during the arrest. Almost two years after the tragedy, a judge ordered the release of the video, recorded by one of the officers.

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