What happened today in the war in Ukraine: the Russians regroup (but a third general was killed)

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Progress on the ground remains limited. A third Russian general killed: the presence at the front is a sign of combativeness of the Russians, but also of the low reliability of the troops

This morning the western cities of Ukraine woke up to the bombs, dropped by the Russians for hit Lutsk and Ivano-Frankivsk airports. The bombs also fell on Dnipro, in the heart of the country, where they destroyed, among other things, a kindergarten closed since the beginning of the conflict like all schools in Ukraine. These bombings marked a turning point in the Russian offensive, which spreads westward, a strategic territory to allow the Ukrainian resistance to receive military and food supplies. If from the sky – where they still do not have air superiority – bombings intensify, progress on the ground remains limited. The 60-kilometer-long convoy of vehicles that has been looming over Kiev for days has approached slightly and has begun to reorganize, scattering in the surrounding forests and towns, to reduce the risk of being ambushed but also to position itself in view of the attack.

Ukraine-Russia: the latest news on the war

The meaning of the dispersion can be understood from the video that appeared yesterday that shows an army unit targeted by the Ukrainians: tanks one after the other on a road, with almost impossible room for maneuver. No presence of infantry to counter ambushes, no protection from helicopters. According to military experts from the Associated Press, the reorganization of the dragon is a very bad sign and would indicate an imminent attack: Some armored units were seen in cities near Antonov airport, north of Kiev, and other vehicles moved into the forests with howitzers towed nearby in position to open fire. The offensive on the capital, according to many analysts, is about to arrive. Furthermore, according to American sources, some Russian units have reached about 20 kilometers.

The Russians are now trying to surround the cities, not just Kiev, to siege them and trap Ukrainian forces inside: the maneuver was evident today in Chernhiv, in the north, which the resistance has been defending for the past two weeks. In the meantime it would have been killed a third Russian general, Andriy Kolesnikovaccording to what the army of Kiev declares and also Western sources confirm: the presence of generals on the front line a a sign of combativeness of the Muscovite general staff, but also highlights a certain unreliability of the troops. Putin’s army therefore continues to pay for the underestimation of the company: the level of training, especially of the younger troops, appears to be inadequate to the test. But also from a tactical point of view – experts say – blunders emerge: why did Russia focus on quantity, rather than quality?

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