Zelensky quotes Reagan and accuses Germany: “For you the priority is still the economy, tear down the new wall”

The president of Ukraine gave a speech to the Bundestag in which he once again called for the establishment of a no-fly zone. The reaction of the German Parliament was not enthusiastic: after a few minutes it was back to the regular agenda

BERLIN – Volodymyr Zelensky as Ronald Reagan. Only this time the call to tear down a wall is not addressed to a Kremlin leader, but to a German chancellor.

In front of the Bundestag, via video link, the Ukrainian president gave perhaps the harshest and most emotional speech, when compared to those to the municipalities and Congress of the United States. The of him was a heavy “j’accuse” to the attitude taken by Germany in recent years on the Ukraine question.

For Berlin, the priorities have always been “the economy, the economy and the economy,” said Zelesnky, reproaching the German government for always privileging good deals with Moscow over European security and the right to sovereignty of a nation. . Even today, according to the Ukrainian president, there are German companies that continue to do business with Russia despite the sanctions. “When we told you that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline was a weapon in preparation for a great war, you replied that it was only a commercial project,” recalled the Ukrainian leader, adding that he had “invoked for a long time in vain” German aid in favor of NATO membership, a support that never arrived. «Even today you hesitate to admit us to the Covenant».

The president has renewed the request for a “no-fly zone”, which all NATO countries have so far opposed. Each of these waste turned out according to Zelensky the new piece of a wall, not that of Berlin but a new one between freedom and absence of freedomwhich gets higher every day with every bomb that falls on Ukraine and with every decision that is not made.

And here, Zelensky took up the famous sentence pronounced at the Brandenburg Gate in 1987 by the American President Reagan at Gorbachev’s address, but with a different address: «Dear Chancellor Scholz, tear down that Wallgive Germany the leading role it deserves ».

Zelensky’s appeal was not received by German MPs with the same enthusiasm as their British and American colleagues. Alone a few minutes of applause greeted him, before the Bundestag returned to its regular agenda. A decision criticized by the opposition, which instead asked for a debate on Ukraine.

Justify if you measure with the past, however, Zelensky’s criticisms appear excessive towards Germanywhich was probably the country of the European Union to have acted in a more consequent and decisive way: Berlin has in fact not only blocked Nord Stream 2, but decided on massive supplies of arms to Kiev and announced an allocation of 100 billion euros to modernize and strengthen the Bundeswehr, the federal army, committing from now on to spend more than 2% of GDP every year on defense.

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