Zelensky: «Resist at any price». Kiev: curfew and hunt for saboteurs

Of Lorenzo Cremonesi

The president: “Ukraine is not giving up, the real battle has yet to begin.” The guerilla is taking the place of the conventional confrontation. Explosions in the capital

KIEV – «Resist! Resist at any price, in any city, town or village. Resist with all your might, do not give in, make the Russians pay dearly for any meter of territory. And to make Europe, NATO and the world understand that Ukraine is not giving up, that the real battle has yet to begin and it is by no means certain that Putin must win it “. It is an open and courageous challenge, the one that launches the Ukrainian president from the heart of Kiev under siege and now paralyzed by an iron curfew. A message that embodies the will of the great majority of the people of him, who today, according to the local media and social networks, collects almost 90 percent of the consensus.

Trenches and sandbags

Volodymyr Zelensky told thethree premier

(Polish, Czech and Slovenian) who came bravely to bring him solidarity directly here in Kiev, using the same trains that in the opposite direction take the hundreds of thousands of refugees trying to escape from the bombs. Attention! He told the three: women, the elderly and children have rightly been rescued, but the men who can fight return, return to their homes when they can, join the hundreds of thousands of volunteers who prepare Molotov cocktails, dig trenches, fill bags. of sand. Until now, three weeks after the start of the Russian invasion, only the Kherson region

close to occupied Crimea in 2014, is under Russian control
but in the other attacked areas there is still fighting, the Russians are in difficulty, they are forced to disperse their forces to try to counter the outbreaks of the guerrillas.

Trenches and sandbags

Even in Kharkiv, Mariupol, Sumy and Chernihiv the Russians are still not in full control. The partisan guerrilla is taking the place of the conventional clash between armies and the Russians risk getting bogged down like four decades ago in Afghanistan, the conflict that was one of the causes of the collapse of the Soviet Union. Zelensky certainly does not deny the value of negotiations and the search for the path of dialogue. His admission that Ukraine must give up being part of NATO goes in this direction. But here in Kiev the impression remains that there is still a long way to go before any concrete form of ceasefire can be reached. And in the meantime we have to fight.


This morning around six another building in Shevchenko, in the northern districts hit repeatedly in the last three days, was hit by a bullet (or by the wreckage of a missile shot down by anti-aircraft, it is not clear), it seems there are two injured. But for a more credible budget we have to wait. Other explosions were heard shortly after nine. in the meantime Ukrainian patrols patrol the city in search of Russian cells, the curfew is aimed at targeting the “saboteurs”, as they are called here. However, the Ukrainian resistance is working. The fact that Putin is now talking about the arrival of Syrian “volunteers” (who are actually mercenaries) alongside his soldiers, and that details about the Russian request for arms from China are being read in Kiev as an admission of weakness. Putin is forced to ask for help, as his troops fail to break through. The American and British intelligence services claim that the Russian army is in bad shape, with the lack of coordination between the different units, it still does not control Ukrainian airspace. The Kiev urban guerrilla will open a whole new game.

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