Zelensky to Israel: “The Russians like the Nazis, why don’t you give us weapons?”

The Ukrainian president speaks on video link and live on TV, mentions Golda Meir but not the Shoah. Controversy in Israel: “The comparison with the Holocaust is outrageous”

TEL AVIV – Zubin Mehta remembers a concert in Tel Aviv during one of the cyclical clashes with Hamas in Gaza. The alarm sirens above the notes, warn of a rocket launch, the conductor and the orchestras must stop, take shelter in the shelter. “When we got back, people never left. We have started again ». Since its foundation – it is older than the State of Israel as the city that hosts it – the Philharmonic has never stopped because of a war, only the virus has succeeded in silencing it. Telavives fill the orchestra square every day, as everyone calls it, to sit on the steps carved into the marble, come with the children, meet friends, listen to the symphonies that the small speakers broadcast from the stones 24 hours a day. .

Sunday at sunset the music was turned off to hear the words of Volodymyr Zelensky. The mayor Ron Huldai, also in the square, assured the Ukrainian president under siege that plenum that the political bureaucracy was unable to guarantee to him. Knesset: parliament is on hiatusthe classroom is a construction site these days, the deputies – who wanted to connect – followed the speech via the Internet.

In any case it’s to the Israelis live on television and a thousand – many of Ukrainian origin, in Israel there are one million and 200 thousand immigrants from the former Soviet Union – arrived here with yellow-blue flags that Zelensky wants to talk about.

The beard now left to grow, the military green T-shirt with which he appears in the videos, the president addresses the people because he wants them to push the government to do more.

Quote Golda Meirthe only woman to have been prime minister of Israel was born in Kiev: “We want to live. Our neighbors want to see us dead. This leaves little room for compromise ». He says: “Our history has something in common with yours. During the Second World War it was the Nazis who raged, who wanted to destroy the Jews, the final solution against your people. Nobody will forget the Holocaust, now listen to the words of the Kremlin: final solution of the Ukrainian problemthe same terms “.

Asks: “Why has Israel not yet supplied us with weapons and imposed sanctions on Russia? You have to make a choice ».

He himself a Jew – part of the family was exterminated by the Nazi invaders – in recent weeks he had tried to get an auditorium in Yad Vashem. The leaders had declined, they feared that the event would become too political, that Zelensky would compare the Russian invasion of his country with the Shoah.

Now it is some minister (from the right) who criticizes the speech: «The war is terrible but the comparison with the horror of the Holocaust is outrageous»Comments Yoaz Hendel. Likud representatives of Benjamin Netanyahu also attack Zelensky’s words – “the Ukrainians made their choice 80 years ago saving the Jews”: “Forget all of them who participated in the massacres.”

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